A Lot To Say, Inc.
Booth Number: 301
Exhibitor Website: http://shop.alottosay.com/

We are a lifestyle brand that celebrates and encourages our voices to be heard in the written word. Through our t-shirt lines, we hope to help facilitate important change in our planet, our politics, our world, our future. All of our t-shirts are made with ingredients that are environmentally respectful.

ADG Eco Lighting Products
Booth Number: 142
Exhibitor Website: http://www.architecturaldetailgroup.com/induction/

If you own or manage commercial or public property like parking structures, parking lots, parks, roads, shopping centers, convention centers, hotels, etc  and you need to reduce your operating costs, and in the process reduce your impact on the environment then you need Induction Lighting. The experts at ADG ECO Lighting Products have a solution to your lighting dilemma, trough Induction Technology, we can make your space brighter while saving you money in operating and maintenance costs.  ADG's Induction lamps are technologically more advanced then Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium and Fluorescents and are easy to install or retrofit into existent posts and fixtures. This Energy Star Certified Technology also helps reduce the impact on the environment.

Adina World Beat Beverages
Booth Number: 611
Exhibitor Website: http://www.adinaworld.com/

Check it out - some drinks seem to come straight from a chemical factory! They're loaded with funky junk you can't even pronounce. But not Adina's healthy brews! Our great taste comes from pure, natural ingredients. No high-fructose corn syrup, no chemicals ? and never, ever anything artificial.

Booth Number: 107
Exhibitor Website: http://www.agreenday.org/

The Eco friendly Reusable Dry Cleaning Bag, the new stylish way to help eliminate waste. Agreenday.org is committed in providing products that can reduce waste, that are Eco friendly and 100% Made in the USA. The importance of providing products that are made from the United States of America is extremely urgent these days... Our country suffers from an economic crisis and the only way to rebuild in times like theses... going back to the basics... small businesses pulling together to rebuild our country, buy keeping our business in our country. We need to cut back on resourcing things out and forcing one another out of business, lets keep each other in business. This is the dedication that Agreenday.org promises to all of their customers.

Ah Shayh Natural Skin Care
Booth Number: 416
Exhibitor Website: http://www.ahshayh.com/

Ah Shayh is a collective owned and operated by women of color who are committed to maintaining a partnership with the Dagomba Women's Shea Nut Butter Collective in Tamale, Ghana (Africa). The vision of the Ah Shayh team is to work with the Dagomba women and their families to provide necessary tools and resources for the production of shea butter. We are dedicated to bringing micro-credit, educational scholarships, and other resources to the women to aid the women and families of Ghana in becoming financially self-sufficient. We will also work in collaboration with the chief of the village and local government towards the goal of eradicating poverty through access to education, economic opportunities, and support the women to become visible and vocal in their local governments.

Algalita Marine Research Foundation
Booth Number: 614
Exhibitor Website: http://www.algalita.org/

The Algalita Marine Research Foundation is dedicated to the protection of the marine environment and its watersheds through research, education, and restoration

All-Ett Thinnest Wallet
Booth Number: 426
Exhibitor Website: http://www.all-ett.com/

Ever wanted a great wallet that keeps all of your credit cards, money, and receipts in one, but didn?t want the bulkiness and wearing issues? Well America, here is something for you. It?s called the ALL-ETT, The World Thinnest Wallet and seeing is believing!

American Home Remodeling
Booth Number: 330
Exhibitor Website: http://www.ahrsunrooms.com/

American Home Remodeling is committed to providing Southern California Home Owner?s with the highest quality products at fair competitive market prices. All backed by the best manufacture warranty in our industry. Our pledge is to build lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations with the highest level of professionalism, integrity and performance from every member of our design and construction teams. I consider it my personal responsibility and you have my guarantee that our company will turn your sunroom dreams into an enjoyable reality.

Americraft / Kitchencraft
Booth Number: 302
Exhibitor Website: http://www.americraftcookware.com/

The Kitchen Craft brand has recently joined the Americraft manufacturing company who is arguably the most trustworthy cookware manufacturer in America. With a passion for cooking, our mission is to encourage nutritional health, preserve the environment and to support the U.S. economy. Americraft?s waterless cooking technique allows food to be prepared and enjoyed at its best?without the need for oils and fats. Authentic and naturally delicious - this reverence for the integrity of the food is integral to living healthy lifestyles.

Angeles Chapter Sierra Club
Booth Number: 509
Exhibitor Website: http://www.angeles.sierraclub.org/

For over a century, the Sierra Club has played a key role in protecting more than 132 million acres in America's national park and wilderness areas. To achieve its conservation goals, the Sierra Club works aggressively,to influence policies and decisions affecting the environment of North America and the rest of the world.

Booth Number: 351
Exhibitor Website: http://www.arbonne.com/

The vision to provide skin care products unparalleled in quality and effectiveness developed in Switzerland more than 25 years ago when entrepreneur, Petter M? together with a group of leading bio-chemists, biologists and herbalists, founded Arbonne. These products, based on natural, botanical principles, are now shared throughout the world through Arbonne's network of Independent Consultants. Building on these same founding principles, Arbonne's product line has since grown to include both inner and outer health and beauty products that are pure, safe, beneficial!

Aurora World
Booth Number: 403
Exhibitor Website: http://www.auroragift.com/

Aurora is the leading supplier of affordable, high quality plush toys and gifts. The U.S. company has ascended quickly to become the respected leader in the plush toy and gift industry. Aurora is your ?One Stop Solution?-value prices, high quality and large variety, as well as international manufacturing, R&D and distribution resources are hallmarks of Aurora?s success. Aurora offers plush for a range of children and adults who represent nearly every walk of life. The company sells its products via a wide variety of retailers including major zoos, department stores, high-end toy stores, top gift chains, as well as hospital gift shops, fine florists, candy stores and gift/stationary stores worldwide. Take a step into Aurora?s World and see what everyone is smiling about.

Baltica / Noritz Heaters
Booth Number: 340
Exhibitor Website: http://noritzheaters.com/

Baltica Remodeling Solutions is family owned and operated. With years of reliable service, consistent quality, and attention to detail, we are the most qualified company to install your Noritz tankless water heater. Baltica Remodeling Solutions is Certified Noritz service provider. Our service, competitive rates and personal commitment will make you another our satisfied customer. We value your business and look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Battery Solutions
Booth Number: 111
Exhibitor Website: http://www.batteryrecycling.com/

Battery Solutions, Inc. provides cost-effective fully-managed battery-recycling kits, systems, and services to corporations, governments, municipalities, and households across the country to serve environmentally conscious individuals and businesses and satisfy compliance with government regulations. Throughout our 35+ years in the battery recycling business, we?ve implemented and refined fully-managed battery recycling systems for thousands of corporations, organizations, municipalities, and government agencies throughout the United States. We are a large-quantity universal waste handler with EPA certification, a professional-level of environmental expertise, and the recycling know-how needed to continually remain in complete compliance with all applicable environmental laws.

Booth Number: 410
Exhibitor Website: http://www.beinjoy.com/

Beinjoy began in 2006 when 3 friends, Ying Yang, Joyce and Bernard Lee, took their passion for good design and healthy living to create a new yoga/pilates lifestyle line. They combined their names to come up with the company name and brand message "Be In Joy." The designers, Ying and Joyce, draw their inspiration from traditional Asian themes and combine them with a modern zen twist to create their distinctive look and delicate designs. Beinjoy's mission is to create a new yoga/pilates experience that fuses function, fashion and femininity for the contemporary woman on the go. Through their beautifully designed, innovative, and eco-friendly product, Beinjoy aims to inspire women to live a healthy lifestyle while caring for the environment. Love and treasure your body always!

Belegenza Extraordinary Hair Care
Booth Number: 430
Exhibitor Website: http://www.belegenza.com/

Courtesy of Belegenza, a new patent-pending fusion of food-grade organic ingredients removes the silicone from the hair AND the scalp. Leaving the scalp free of chemicals and silicone allows the benefits of natural food-grade ingredients to nourish. A healthy scalp allows for maximum growth of not only the currently growing hairs, but also sets the stage for the dormant hairs to grow in more quickly!

Bianca Paradis
Booth Number: 425
Exhibitor Website: http://www.bianca-paradise.com/

Bianca's extensive experience in health and fashion spans a career as a model, nutritionist, and eco-stylist. She has a fashion degree and is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist. Combining her passions, Bianca created this line to offer ethical, sustainable fashions going beyond unconscious shopping towards a deeper more fulfilling purchasing power. As an advocate of earth-friendly living, she brings eco-consciousness and flair to fashion.



BioPro Technology
Booth Number: 315
Exhibitor Website: http://www.bioprotechnology.com/

BIOPRO Technology is an energy design company. By utilizing the fascinating field of Bioenergetics, our company?s mission of enhancing the overall quality of life worldwide is being realized. Through the vision and voices of the corporate team, the independent consultants and our customers, we truly are ?elevating? the energetic state of processes and people across the globe. Our products are designed to improve health and well being while reducing physical stress and environmental assaults on the body. The exclusive Breakthrough Personal Development Program enhances and accelerates our individual and collective personal growth. Last but not least, the BIOPRO Pay Plan offers people an opportunity to create financial ?energy? and supplement their income in life-changing ways.

Biosphere Industries
Booth Number: 626
Exhibitor Website: http://www.biosphereindustries.com/

In 2006, Biosphere? Industries joined forces with Sealed Air Corporation, a world leader in packaging films and substrates, as a joint venture partner to bring a new class of sustainable biodegradable packaging products to market. Our Renew-a-Pak product line is a new family of affordable, high performance, ultra earth friendly starch based packaging systems. We do not convert starch into plastic, but bake it, similar to the process of making bread, waffles or ice cream cones. Biosphere? Industries has successfully optimized this 'ice cream cone baking' technology to manufacture rigid packaging products that perform unlike anything else on earth

Bits Limited
Booth Number: 133
Exhibitor Website: http://bitsltd.net/index.php

Bits Limited is the manufacturer of The Smart Strip Power Strip which

is a surge protector that SAVES MONEY for the end user on their

electric bill by reducing the amount of energy used by computers and

entertainment equipment.  The power strip eliminates the idle currents

the electricity used by an appliance when it is off or in standby mode, also called vampire currents).  The Smart Strip saves MONEY, ENERGY, TIME and HELPS THE ENVIRONMENT

Blue Planet Environmental Inc.
Booth Number: 105
Exhibitor Website: http://www.blueplanetenviro.com/

At BluePlanet Enviromental Inc, we embrace this enviromental challenge. By delivering only high quality, eco-friendly products for consumer and commerical use, we're helping others decrease their enviromental footprint - without sacrificing performance, changing your current habits, or emptying your wallet. Choosing BluePlanet Enviromental Inc. is not only the simple choice, its the right choice for our planet. All of our products:

* Decrease amount of water usage by 30%

* Improve water quality and clarity without any added chemicals

* Prevent skin irritations and allergic reactions

Boho Magazine
Booth Number: 612
Exhibitor Website: http://www.bohomag.com/

boho is a green fashion-lifestyle magazine founded on the freedom to express your own personal style and live the life you want. each issue offers the latest in fashion, beauty, and more, while inspiring you to help make a difference in the world by giving back and going green. inside you?ll find its content focuses on both the inner and outer you, infused with new ideas that will fill your spirit and empower you to put your own stamp on things while making the world a prettier place.

Booth Number: 126
Exhibitor Website: http://www.bottless.org/

Bottless is a family company. We personally introduce the bottle of your choice to you for your winery, casino, marketing group, movie production or your own personal use. While our Napa Valley team is introducing the first stainless steel wine bottle in St. Helena, our New York team created a classic collection of designer Urban bottles with classic New York prints. We are your source for existing brands and new concepts for clean water bottles.

Brighter Planet
Booth Number: 507
Exhibitor Website: http://brighterplanet.com/

Brighter Planet is dedicated to helping you take charge in the fight against global warming and build a clean-energy future. With a majority of Americans wanting to do something for the environment, our products are an effective way for individuals and businesses to reduce their impact on the climate. We work with experts in the environmental movement and partners like Bank of America and NativeEnergy to create practical solutions to climate change. By using our products, our members support a diverse array of renewable energy projects that satisfy our rigorous carbon offset policy and have gained the approval of our Project Selection Committee.

Booth Number: 306
Exhibitor Website: http://www.buygreen.com/

All of the green earth products you need are available at BuyGreen.com. You will find eco friendly clothing, including bamboo clothing, green home environmental products including natural organic products and solar powered lights, just to name a few. Commercial buyers also have a wide selection of products from environmentally friendly bags for retailers to recycled paper product as examples. Please explore the incredible selection and for more information on our Green Standards.

California Green Designs
Booth Number: 113
Exhibitor Website: http://www.ca-green.com/

California Green Designs prides itself on its' innovative design and quality workmanship. A local company, we give individual attention to each project, especially to the energy potential of your site, the esthetics of the design, and the service we provide you. We have been in the business of designing and installing renewable energy systems since 1985. We employ only licensed installation specialists with expertise in building construction, electrical work, and mechanics. Our crews pay close attention to detail, meeting or exceeding all customer expectations.

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors
Booth Number: 245
Exhibitor Website: http://www.wideplankflooring.com/

The original name of our Company was appropriately Carlisle Restoration Lumber which spoke not to the restored wood itself, but rather to the ?Restoration? of the spirit and tradition of the original wide plank floor. Several years ago, we made the decision to change our name to Carlisle Wide Plank Floors in order to better represent the true nature of what we make- traditional, custom crafted solid wood flooring in a variety of Pines, Hardwoods and reclaimed Antique woods.

Booth Number: 613
Exhibitor Website: http://www.cell-nique.com/

We are devoted to the revolution of result-oriented yet personalized beauty solutions aimed at absolute beauty. Our passion for perfect beauty assists in our quest for perfection. We place extreme care on details in our salon treatments and home care beauty regimen. We also adhere to the strictest requirement of using the purest form of natural active ingredients that are safe with result-proven biotechnology in our product formulation and treatment procedure. Beauty is about the passion of your well-being. Live it Lavishly!

Cenres Imports Ltd - the Designer Comb
Booth Number: 325
Exhibitor Website: http://cenresusa.com/

HERE IS WHO WE ARE AND WHERE WE CAME FROM..........................a dynamic & diverse Closed Corporation Company, established in Pretoria, South Africa in June 1996 by INGRID WITTMANN as an expansion to her successful Guesthouse business the "ALT DUESSELDORF INN"* originally as a Booking/Travel Agent, * Tour Guide Service,

* Guesthouse with Art & Craft exhibits on sale, * a Consultancy for the Hospitality Industry


Clark Adams
Booth Number: 501
Exhibitor Website: http://www.clarkadams.com/

When you work with Clark Adams Co. Windows and Doors, you can rely on us to take care of every step of the process, from start to finish. Our approach is thorough, professional, and detail-oriented, and that attitude extends from your initial consultation to the careful way our installers clean up after installation. We don't just pay lip service to the idea of customer satisfaction; it's our way of life.

CleanLight GreenLight
Booth Number: 101
Exhibitor Website: http://cleanlightgreenlight.com/

? Average Return On Investment is 30-50%

? Energy savings average 50-80%

? NO maintenance on re-lamping.

? No low-level radiation or damaging UV rays


Conscious Living TV
Booth Number: 618
Exhibitor Website: http://www.consciouslivingtv.com/

Conscious Living means taking responsibility for our experiences and living with awareness to make choices that sustain ourselves, our communities and the planet. While meditating and practicing yoga will get you headed in the right direction, Conscious Living is also about how you shop, eat and live. And it's easier than you think: the next time you visit the mall, forego traditional cotton clothing and choose sassy & sustainable eco-fashion. Instead of buying produce flown half-way around the world, plan weekly visits to your neighborhood farmer's market for locally-grown organic fruits and veggies. Instead of visiting your doctor just to cure symptoms, be proactive about building your long-term health with holistic healing therapies. And most of all, practice becoming a conscious consumer by voting with your spending dollars to support companies that value people and the planet as much as profits.

Consumer Trend News / CTN Green
Booth Number: 505
Exhibitor Website: http://www.ctngreen.com/

Over 14 months in the making, CTN GREEN is here. 4 Blogs, a Video Gallery, a full screen virtual magazine, News Portal and Art Gallery are live and thankfully getting great reviews. Over the past several months we have been networking with people and finding amazing friends in the process, making this endeavor all the more rewarding. These people are dedicated to the entire spectrum of sustainable and well crafted reasoning, and it is our honor to be a part of it. This is CTN Green, our humble paperless publishing and video journalism brought to life as www.CTNGreen.com. We are fortunate to have a superb staff and set of contributors to help bring you a robust and energetic angle on being sustainably eco-smart and a bit edgy and cool while doing that.

Booth Number: 233
Exhibitor Website: http://www.cosentinonorthamerica.com/

Cosentino has the largest natural stone network in North America, and products include Silestone, Scalea Marble, Marlique and SenSa Granite. Our network of more than 150 certified fabricators and in excess of 5000 certified installers are responsible for more than 1000 installations per day in the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Virgin Islands. Our logistics and distribution division has imported an average of 11.9 million Sq. Ft of stone material per year into the US and we currently have an excess of 5.4 million Sq Ft in regional warehouse across the nation, ready to meet the needs of any size project.


Danmer Shutters
Booth Number: 338
Exhibitor Website: http://www.danmer.com/

At Danmer, our growth has been fueled by our never-ending pursuit for quality, and our desire to satisfy our customers' needs. We use our expertise to make sure our customers get the best window shutters and installation possible ? not just the easiest.  We have become the largest installer of shutters in California, and we're growing at a healthy rate because of our repeat and referral business. Danmer operates a state of the art facility in Van Nuys, CA covering more than 104,000 square feet, and we service over 500 customers every month. But no matter how many customers we service, our goal is to make every customer feel as if they are our only customer.  We want to make sure that you know what you need to know to make an intelligent decision. We understand that this is a major purchase, and you need to find out all of your options and costs. We're serious about shutters, and we're committed to ensuring that you're satisfied with your purchase.  All of our designers, installers, and manufacturing personnel are committed to the complete satisfaction of our clients. No matter how large a company we become, we realize that is our main mission. You can't go wrong with Danmer.


Deconstruction & Building Materials ReUse Network, Inc.
Booth Number: 308
Exhibitor Website: http://www.reusenetwork.org/

The Deconstruction & Building Materials ReUse Network, Inc., an environmental non-profit corporation, (Deconstruction Network) is changing the way Californians approach home building by creating simple solutions for home deconstruction. Deconstruction Network supports the green building movement by advancing the general environmental principal of "reduce, reuse and recycle" within the construction and demolition (C&D) industries. Our goal is to educate and empower homeowners, building industry professionals and civic leaders to adopt the practice of deconstruction as a rational alternative to traditional demolition, thereby keeping C&D materials out of landfills, while simultaneously growing a robust network of individuals and organizations committed to the reclamation and distribution of reusable building materials.

DEL Ozone
Booth Number: 501
Exhibitor Website: http://www.delozone.com/

For more than three decades, DEL Ozone has been an integral part of the pool and spa industry, improving the quality of the water by removing harmful bacteria, viruses and chlorine byproducts. But ozone isn?t just for your backyard pool and spa. Ozone, which naturally breaks down contaminants in water and air, offers numerous benefits to your home, your health and the planet. DEL?s Mini Air Purifier and the Gentle Breeze remove impurities and odor from the air in your home, eliminating the need for air fresheners and sprays. The Portable Purifier is a quick and easy way to purify drinking water, fruits and vegetables and the Aquaclipse system will eliminate chlorine and chemical residue in your well water. DEL?s Mobile Mold Master removes mold, spores and mildew from your home. For curing foot infections and Athlete?s Foot, without chemical-based ointments and aerosol sprays, the PediCure unit is the purest solution available.

Dimpleskins Naturals
Booth Number: 411
Exhibitor Website: http://www.dimpleskinsnaturals.com/

After the birth of my first baby in 2001, the need for all-natural baby care became my top priority. Commercial brands were readily available, yet not pure enough for my baby?s delicate skin. Concerned with synthetic perfumes, allergies and potentially toxic chemicals, I set out to find an alternative. With foundation studies in Aromatherapy, combined with a 10 year background in Make-Up Artistry, I gathered some natural ingredients and cooked up my own skin care products. Six years and two children later, my creation is now known as Dimpleskins Naturals . It is available to parents across the nation who, like myself, are concerned with using only the best on their baby?s skin.  Dimpleskins Naturals is still manufactured by hand, using only pure and organic ingredients. I oversee the quality of the ingredients, and ensure that each product is made to the highest standards.

Dreamtime Creations
Booth Number: 319
Exhibitor Website: http://www.dreamtimecreations.net/

"Primal earth-tone fashion magic and visionary tapestries".

Created for the expression of our higher selves, through connection with nature and spirit. Dreamtime clothing and art is designed in Santa Cruz, California, produced in the San Francisco bay area and Bali, Indonesia; using fair labour and with adherence to planet and people friendly practices. The 2009 line explores themes of cultural survival and back to the earth roots with style. Our intention with these creations is to lighten people at this current time of planetary transition and personal galactivation!

Driven Eco
Booth Number: 502
Exhibitor Website: http://www.driveneco.com/

Driven Eco is an eco-friendly chauffeured transportation provider with a global scope. Offering worldwide service capabilities through our Global Affiliate Network, we are available 24/7, 365. Driven Eco is your single point of contact, coordinating your eco-friendly vehicles in every destination. The vision for Driven Eco is to offer a world-class chauffeured transportation service while at the same time reducing the customer's corporate or personal carbon footprint. Driven Eco is dedicated to utilizing new technologies to meet our goal of providing eco-friendly luxury ground transportation. Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, San Fran, Chicago, Boston, New York, Philidelphia, DC, Atlanta.

Duchess Marden
Booth Number: 444
Exhibitor Website: http://www.duchessmarden.com/

Transform your skin with the invigorating, curative power of rose, expertly blended with the anti-aging qualities of pure, plant-based elements. Stunningly effective, deeply nourishing and free of parabens, petrochemicals and chemical preservatives, Dutchess Marden is  your natural elixir for ageless beauty.

Earth Tones
Booth Number: 515
Exhibitor Website: http://www.earthtones.com/

Earth Tones is the only communications company to donate 100% of its profits to environmental organizations. We offer high-quality long distance telephone service, wireless service and internet access to help you keep in touch with the important people in your life. Earth Tones was founded by a coalition of non-profit organizations in 1993. Over a decade later we continue to be completely owned and operated by non-profit groups, allowing us to deliver 100% of our profits to environmental causes. Our mission is to provide high-quality communications services and great customer service while giving you tools to help protect the planet. Every wireless customer we have, each long distance call our land-line customers make, and each internet subscriber who is on our service means money going directly to grassroots organizations working to protect our air, water and wilderness.

Booth Number: 400
Exhibitor Website: http://www.earth-saver.com/

We are the EARTH-SAVER TM bag innovator. Our bags use eco-friendly and  biodegradable materials to help promote a better balance in the earth and create ecological awareness too. Our company makes it a principle to contract manufacture only from eco-friendly companies throughout the world in order to preserve our environment. When you choose our bags, you join our passion and our mission to contribute in making this world pollution free.

Easy Pha-max
Booth Number: 417
Exhibitor Website: http://easypha-max.com/eshop/index.jsp

Through cutting-edge research and development in biotechnology, Easy Pha-max is to develop and synergize an excellent team of synergy business partners for the company's growth, hence becoming an outstanding multinational company. The team, which consists of members from all corners of the world, although with the differences in background and perception; however are synergized in the arena of biotechnology, together we forge ahead towards a brighter future! Easy Pha-max holds firm to the belief of "Caring for People, Responsible to Earth". All the synergy business partners shall pull the weights together, to stay salient and to build the business hand-in-hand. Through creativity and value innovations in Bioscience, we advocate healthier life of the community.

Ecko Green USA
Booth Number: 621
Exhibitor Website: http://eckogreenusa.com/index.html

Home of the most comprehensive line of janitorial and biodegradable products and service. We offer a wide variety of products that include paper dispensers, cleaners, soap, chemicals, paper towels and much much more. We are located in Sunny Los Angeles California.  We have over 10 years experience in janitorial supplies and over 25 years in offering biodegradable and janitorial products.  We service clients in the greater Los Angeles area as well as nationally.

Eco Chic Daily / Soiree Agency
Booth Number: 414
Exhibitor Website: http://ecochicdaily.com/

Please visit our booth for details.

Eco Gift Works
Booth Number: 234
Exhibitor Website: http://www.ecogiftworks.com/
Eco Kids USA
Booth Number: 407
Exhibitor Website: http://www.ecokidsusa.com/

We are a family of three who lives in Mt. Washington, CA. After hearing about all the recalls lately in the toy industry, we felt it was time to take action and change the way we live. Making eco-dough has always been a favorite pastime in our house. Realizing a need and want for this product, we set out to bring it into all families homes. Now we can all rest assured that our kids are safe from artificial dyes, metals and chemicals.

Eco Screen Printers
Booth Number: 523
Exhibitor Website: http://www.ecoscreenprinters.com/

Eco Screen Printers is an environmentally friendly screen printing and embroidery studio located in the Suburbs of Washington, DC in Reston, Virginia. They specialize in 100% eco-friendly methods and materials including the use of non-toxic, water-based inks, organic fabrics, and a strict no-sweatshop policy. Their offerings include apparel items and promotional products such as t-shirts, hoodies, bags, polos, hats, and more at affordable prices. They use water-based, non-toxic inks and prints exclusively on 100% organic cotton fabrics. Along with their non-toxic printing processes and organic products, Eco Screen Printers has a strict ?no sweatshop? policy and carefully screens all manufacturers of its blank apparel.

Booth Number: 519
Exhibitor Website: http://www.eco-logicalart.org/

Eco-LogicalART is a dynamic new non-profit sister company to Peter Schulberg?s personal recovered element studio, the DejaDesign Gallery. Both entities share his conviction that beautiful objects surround us and only need to be re-envisioned. With Eco-LogicalART Schulberg takes his theory of creative recovery to ground braking?or rather ground liberating new heights. The gallery?s fine art line features original art painted on recycled billboard vinyl.

Ecologic Designs / Green Guru and Green Goddess Gear
Booth Number: 436
Exhibitor Website: http://www.ecologicdesigns.com/

ECOLOGIC DESIGNS, the makers of Green Guru and Green Goddess Gear, turns TRASH INTO TREASURE. Reclaiming and recycling materials like billboards/banners, inner tubes, wetsuits, climbing ropes, coffee bean bags, water bottles and more into unique products, gear and accessories, Ecologic Designs is able to help the earth with smart eco design, processing and manufacturing. Our brands, Green Guru and Green Goddess Gear are a line of bags and accessories for men and women interested in active, healthy lifestyles, but not at the expense of the environment. Each product actually helps protect the environment we love to play in, while also offering the style and fashion that makes us recognizable as part of the solution. Check out www.GreenGuruGear.com for more.

Got Billboards? Inner Tubes? Wetsuits? Climbing Ropes? Or Coffee Bean Bags? Want to turn them into treasures? ECOLOGIC DESIGNS also offers custom eco manufacturing, turning these materials into unique eco products. How about turning that billboard that is coming down or old show banners into gifts or products to sell? What about setting up an inner tube or wetsuit recycling program at your shop, then turning the collected materials into products to sell? Be a part of this exciting creative eco solution! Contact our Reclamation Engineers to help green your waste stream. Check out www.EcologicDesigns.com for more.

Booth Number: 237
Exhibitor Website: http://ecotrendlife.com/

Since 2004, ECOtrend Corp. has always been committed to bringing eco-friendly products to people to promote their well being. Our company philosophy is: Living a Naturaly, Healthy, Chemical-Free, and Human life. For this very reason, ECOtrend Collagen paint was certified by Green Guard under their most stringent certification program, Green Guard Children & Schools SM. The public is becoming more green-conscious, so being green will be more than just a trend. It will be ECOtrend! ECOtrend Corp. will always strive to provide the community with environment friendly alternatives.

Ecousable, Inc.
Booth Number: 205
Exhibitor Website: https://www.ecousable.com/

Ecousable, Inc. invents, produces and markets reusable eco-friendly products that are fashionable and affordable for everyone. Our company?s product line is founded on its desire to save our natural resources in an ecologically, environmentally and economical way. The two flagship products, Water Wrapz? (a removable and reusable band to identify your water bottle) and EcoUsable bottles (Stainless Steel bottle that are 100% recyclable) reduce the amount of plastic water bottles one uses, while saving money everyday. The Company will also offer other planet-friendly products manufactured by sustainable companies looking to make a difference in the world. Our mission is to be the premiere online source for eco-shopping, offering reusable eco-friendly products, to reduce the carbon footprint for the future generations.

Eden Organix
Booth Number: 345
Exhibitor Website: http://www.edenorganix.com/

Eden Organix- A Purpose Driven Beauty Company is born?Look Fabulous, Help the Environment Eden Organix is a purpose driven Beauty Company our goal is to provide our clients with organic, and natural based products and services that will help them be mentally focused, physically fit, and spiritually grounded while helping the environment and improving their self image. At Eden Organix, we are committed to offering you the best organic and natural skin care, preservative free and mineral makeup products for you and your family. Visit our website to check out our products from eco-friendly makeup bags to skincare products for your tot. At Eden Organix, we offer eco-friendly organic and natural products for the whole family. Eden Organix purpose is to help people, sustain the environment, and ultimately give back to the community we serve. That is why we donate 10% of our profits to organizations that assist the environment, women and children. Why not help the environment and look fabulous too?

EF9 Energy Systems
Booth Number: 240
Exhibitor Website: http://ef9energysystems.com/

UNLIMITED CLEAN ENERGY.  With a Quadrillion watts of solar energy constantly being stored by the Earth`s Atmosphere as heat and pressure, there is a good chance that this energy could be our greatest resource if it could be harnessed. EF9 Energy Systems has a way to do it.

Booth Number:
Exhibitor Website: http://www.effishower.com/

With Effishower, you will Use Only The Water You Need. The easy way. That is, you will press a button each time you want the water to run for approximately 45 seconds.

Effishower attaches directly before your shower head (it does not replace the shower head). Its purpose is to help control the flow of water. After you install the Effishower, you will press the PUSH button for a water flow that will last approximately 45 seconds.

The idea is to push the button once, get wet, soap your body, and push the button once or twice more to finish rinsing. This water saving device will save up to 85% of the water you would normally use.


Please visit us at www.effishower.com or our store at http://store.effishower.com/category_s/27.htm


Electric Bikes LA
Booth Number: 510
Exhibitor Website: http://www.electricvehiclesnw.com/main/lafree.htm

While with electric drive system background we are above all life long cyclists. Our electric bikes are designed to be as bicycle-akin as possible and appeal to those who love bicycle riding and regard agreeable pedalling as a pleasure not a chore. We sell and service electric-assisted bicycles only?no electric vehicles. We are grateful for the privilege of working closely with world class manufacturers and hope to continue to assist in bringing outstanding value bikes to the U.S. market. The Northwest is a top spot for electric bike interest in North America. Our main store is located in Seattle WA with affiliates in Portland and Bend OR. Southern California certainly shows all the signs of becoming the #1 U.S. market. Our affiliated stores are located in Oceanside and El Segundo. We are strictly a 'factory direct' importer and retailer?not a distributor.

Elite Personal Search
Booth Number: 507
Exhibitor Website: http://www.elitepersonalsearch.com/

Elite Personal search is a one on one hand selection match making company. We deal in long term love relationships for those professionals that do not have the time to find their sole mate. We do extensive one on relationship coaching so that your matches result in the best experiences you can imagine and we do it all for you. Love is the best renewable energy!

Ella Vickers Recycled Sailcloth Collection
Booth Number: 404
Exhibitor Website: http://www.ellavickers.com/

Nauti Gear by Ella Vickers is Handcrafted in the USA using recycled sailcloth from yachts around the world. Inspired by her days of sailing as first mate on a classic Americas Cup winner, Ella made herself a set of bags from a discarded sail. When regatta guests bought them right off her arm, a company was born. The durable and sophisticated designs reflect the nautical lifestyle with crisp white Dacron Sailcloth and hi-performance Kevlar Sailcloth. This gorgeous, eco-friendly collection ranges from the small cocktail cache? to the functional tote messenger and the ocean durable duffel. Experience the spirit of the sail reborn into fresh shapes for a new adventure!

Environmental Solar Design, Inc.
Booth Number: 135
Exhibitor Website: http://www.environmentalsolardesign.com/

Established in l979, Environmental Solar Design, Inc. (ESDI) is a full-line, professional, design-build, solar contractor based in Los Angeles, Ca. Environmental Solar designs, engineers, sells, installs and services solar energy and high efficiency conservation equipment for both the residential and commercial markets. As a licensed general contractor, the firm has worked closely with Southern California Gas Company, Southern California Edison, LADWP and other municipal utilities such as Burbank DWP on solar and energy saving projects, as well as dozens of property management companies and private individuals.

Ewaste Center
Booth Number: 108
Exhibitor Website: http://www.ewastecenter.com/

The eWaste Center, Inc is an experienced professional in the field of consumer electronics with over 30 years experience. Over the years, many changes in the consumer electronics industry has resulted in more electronic waste being retired in our landfills. EWC was born in 2003 and operations began in 2004 as an ewaste collector and naturally progressed to a fully operational recycler.

Flamous Brands
Booth Number: 627
Exhibitor Website: http://www.flamousbrands.com/

Flamous Brands is the first to develop, produce and market a line of chips called Falafel Chips? and Dips. Falafel Chips? are made from 100% vegetarian falafel patties; they are high in protein and fiber. Flamous Brands is also introducing a specialized gourmet line of Dips (coming soon) that can be served independently or enjoyed with Falafel Chips?.

GBN / Green Business Networking
Booth Number: 122
Exhibitor Website: http://www.greenbusinessnetworking.com/

Green Business Networking was formed in 2005 when a small group of business leaders began meeting informally to discuss ways to work together to advance green, sustainability and wellness ideas and businesses. The group grew quickly, and now boasts participation from over 1,400 business leaders, entrepreneurs, consultants and evangelists in the Los Angeles area. Yet despite this growth, its strives to remain a place where doers can go to meet like-minded people in a relaxed atmosphere. Green Business Networking operates as a non-profit under the umbrella of the Earthways Foundation and is currently lead by Greg Wendt, Ferris Kawar, Scott Badenoch, and Benjamin Shakin.


Booth Number: 511
Exhibitor Website: http://www.gengreenlife.com/

The goal of GenGreen? is to "mainstream green" for all by providing easy access to the resources that make sustainable living easier for everyone on a local level. This is accomplished in a variety of ways from our extensive online network and public events that encourage connection, growth and education through communication, to our "green" marketplace where people can find the products and services they need to support their sustainable lifestyles. GenGreen.org is the first website of its kind to connect the environmentally conscious community on a local level. Never before has there been such a comprehensive user experience where businesses, organizations and people can come together in a common place to communicate, support each other, and join forces to work toward a more sustainable world, beginning from their own backyards. GenGreen pairs the social networking concept with an online "green" marketplace where GenGreen certified vendors can put their sustainable products directly into the hands of conscious consumers.

Ghalia Organic Desserts
Booth Number: 605
Exhibitor Website: http://ghaliaorganicdesserts.com/

Ghalia is a dessert company specializing in organic and unique creations for any occasion. We offer individual sales, event catering, corporate catering, weddings, and gift services. Every dessert and bakery item is made from scratch and can be customized to fit any tastes or dietary needs. We are not only committed to using quality organic ingredients but also to conducting business in an environmentally responsible manner. These principles are the foundation of everything we do.

Global Ghetto Organics
Booth Number: 317
Exhibitor Website: http://www.globalghettoorganics.com/

Global Ghetto Organics? makes luxury bamboo apparel with tasteful,

understated style. Our collection of elegant earth-friendly basics are

suffused with utilitarian sophistication: Painter's Jackets, Native

Zipped ecoHoodies, yoga wear, ecoThermals, long and short-sleeved tees

all with incredibly yummy fabric, great cuts and discreet detailing.

We make our own bamboo fabrics with the richest most supple hand, soft

like cashmere but way more durable. We are ecoWarrior outfitters

offering versatile luxury with a conscience.


Global Green Distribution
Booth Number: 243
Exhibitor Website: http://www.globalgreendistribution.com/

Global Green Distribution are pleased to bring to you cleaning products "certified" green by the "US EPA" and the "Scientific Certification Systems". Unlike many green products that take an existing formula and dilute or remove ingredients, our products were made from totally new formulas that work! We challenge you to find a green product, or even a non-green product, that out-performs our products. Put them to the test; you will be pleasantly surprised by the results and also feel good that the cleaning products you use protect the environment!

Go Green Gardeners
Booth Number: 336
Exhibitor Website: http://gogreengardeners.com/

Our Philisophy: Encourage reduction of water usage in the landscape. This is done through adjusting existing irrigation systems coupled with using low water need plant options. Reducing pollution by not using gas powered mowers or blowers. Use only organic food and no pesticides or herbicides that might adversely affect the environment. Is Your Garden Green?

Grand Pacific Resorts
Booth Number: 527
Exhibitor Website: http://grandpacificresorts.com/

Grand Pacific Resorts, Inc. is one of the oldest and largest vacation ownership companies based in California. Our 800 professionals at Grand Pacific Resorts take pride in creating memorable resort vacation packages in Southern California for more than 40,000 owner-families every year. Learn how Grand Pacific Resorts can help you start creating quality vacations, for a lifetime!

Green Connoisseur
Booth Number: 522
Exhibitor Website: http://www.thegreenconnoisseur.com/

Brian is the Co-Founder and Sales and Marketing Guru of The Green Connoisseur. With entrepreneurism running through his blood and extensive experience in online corporate development, growth and acquisition, Brian turned his attention to helping preserve the environment. When not worshiping his fantastic wife and lavishing his incredible children with love, Brian can be found cheering on the Pittsburgh Steelers and driving fast cars.

Green Garmento
Booth Number: 311
Exhibitor Website: http://www.thegreengarmento.com/

The Green Garmento? - The ultimate reusable dry-cleaning bag

Now you can finally say no to throwaway plastic bags you get from the dry-cleaners. The Green Garmento? is an eco-friendly 3-in-1 reusable garment bag that can help you green your dry-cleaning routine.

At home, it serves as a hanging hamper, on your trip to the dry-cleaner it functions as a duffel bag and at pick-up, your dry-cleaned clothes will be hanging and protected inside your Green Garmento?.

The simple step of switching to The Green Garmento? will help to reduce the estimated 300 million pounds of single-use dry-cleaning bags that continue annually to clog our landfills and kill our marine and wildlife. The Green Garmento? is made from breathable, water-resistant material, making it the first and only eco-friendly, stylish, practical, and affordable alternative to single-use plastic dry-cleaning bags.

?Be Fantastic...Use Less Plastic.? Switch to The Green Garmento.?

thegreengarmento.com Toll Free 866.681.6659; California 323.512.2600

Green Lifestlyes Magazine
Booth Number: 616
Exhibitor Website: http://www.greenplanetparadise.com/

Green Lifestyles Magazine is greening the planet back to paradise by inspiring paradise from within. This exciting, new publication is presenting innovative green solutions so that together we can create paradise on earth. As the Hopi have prophesized, now is the time to move back towards a life in harmony with the environment and each other. Join us in the journey of becoming sustainable in order to live a life in balance on plant paradise.

Green Living Project
Booth Number: 517
Exhibitor Website: http://www.greenlivingproject.com/

In this era of global environmental and social awareness, one of the best things citizens can do is live and support a more sustainable lifestyle. Green Living Project? is focused on documenting, promoting, and supporting successful and unique models of sustainability from around the world.

Green Living Technologies
Booth Number: 312
Exhibitor Website: http://www.agreenroof.com/

"Green LivingTM Technologies, LLC is an green technologies company providing products and services that facilitate the integration of environmental technologies like Green Roofs and Green Walls into our dwellings and work spaces. We are the only US company that can provide multiple green wall solutions and 3 green roof product applications. We provide a complete package that includes manufacturing, design, consulting, products, services and warranties".

Green Planet Building
Booth Number: 235
Exhibitor Website: http://www.greenplanetbuilding.com/

GREEN PLANET BUILDING (GPB) is a construction company concentrating on remodeling and new construction projects with over 20 years of experience.  Focusing on each client's individual needs and style, GPB knows that every construction project is unique as its owner. Understanding that clients want to be conscience of the environment and their health, but also need to be practical and within a specific budget is where their passion and creativity comes in.    

GPB is dedicated to educating clients on every aspect of green building and sustainable design, then professionally implementing those concepts into a home. The uniquely conceived eco-conscious building techniques and attention to detail are paired with a relentless effort to meet budgets and construction deadlines.

As a fully licensed and insured contractor in the State of California,  clients can count on Green Planet Building to be a quality, full service construction firm, able to directly manage every project of any size, from the initial architectural plans to handing the keys of a new or remodeled green home or office.

Green Restaurant Association
Booth Number: 615
Exhibitor Website: http://www.dinegreen.com/

The Green Restaurant Association℠ (GRA), a 501(c)3 non-profit, is a national environmental organization founded in 1990. The GRA helps restaurants and its customers become more environmentally sustainable in ways that are convenient and cost-effective. The GRA's components are: research, environmental consulting, education, public relations & marketing, community organizing and consumer activism.

Green Roots Inc.
Booth Number: 231
Exhibitor Website: http://www.greenrootsinc.com/

With a background in environmental design and landscape architecture Green Roots specifies through architects and designers sustainable products and systems. Green Roots is the west coast distributor for ELT- Elevated Landscape Technologies, based in Canada, which is the manufacturer of the living walks and green roof systems. Green Roots also provides living walls for rent or sponsorship at events and trade shows. We are a new company created from the founders of Seasons Landscaping, where such products and sustainable systems have been tested and used in real world applications. As part of our sustainable approach, we source reclaimed, recycled or managed forest materials as the basis for all of our products. 

Booth Number: 120
Exhibitor Website: http://www.greenopia.com/USA/

Greenopia is your local guide to green living. Our mission is a basic and big one: We set out to create a directory of eco-friendly retailers, services, and organizations and conducted extensive research on those we listed in the guide. This guide is not a paid directory; companies cannot pay to be included and all listees are included because they met our strict standards of eco-friendliness. They have already been screened for their sustainability in the product or service arena and are now being compared with "the best of the best." Find out more from Greenopia founder Gay Browne. You can also read more about our Leaf Award system.

H2OM Water
Booth Number: 622
Exhibitor Website: http://www.h2omwater.com/home.php

H2Om Water with Intention natural spring water company is designed to serve the greater good of the personal consumer and the betterment of the planet. H2Om provides an alternative bottled water choice, which via their interactive labels, helps people of all ages and races create positive energy throughout their day. They are a socially and environmentally responsible company, whose mountain spring, bottling facility, and offices are all local to California.

They are bottled in safe BPA and phlalate free, 100% recyclable bottles. Through their partnership with Carbonfund.org they offset their carbon footprint on the planet, while proceeds from revenues benefit organizations creating education on recycling and awareness relating to world water issues and our environment.

H2Om?s mission is to align with and support organizations working to heal water issues on local, national and global levels. By providing a clean water source with a focus on positive energy and education, they inspire masses of people to participate in recycling and the protection of our most precious resource on the planet

Happy Green Bee
Booth Number: 406
Exhibitor Website: http://www.happygreenbee.com/

Where childhood is a time for high-energy play, creative exploration and wholesome natural goodness. Discover comfy organic cotton, simple stylish designs and cheerful gender-free colors to be mixed and matched in endless combinations for clothes that are as fun to buy as they are to wear. Our mission: To create cheerful gender-free clothing with sustainable earth friendly manufacturing practices in an effort to meet and increase the demand for organic children's clothing that not only looks and feels great but is contributing in positive ways to the welfare of our planet.


HealthForce Nutritionals
Booth Number: 335
Exhibitor Website: http://www.healthforce.com/

The purpose of HealthForce Nutritionals is to empower as many individuals as possible to experience greater health via unique products and information that are designed to bring us back to a state of nature that we should be able to take for granted. We are a team of dedicated Naturopaths that have been fervently studying health for 15 years. The health industry has much to offer, yet many products are under-performing, over priced and actually have toxicities! This includes nearly all isolated and/or synthetic vitamin and minerals (the vast majority of which you will find in nearly all nutritional formulas)! Through our years of research, we have been able to determine what is the best way to nourish the body completely, without any toxicity!

Hemp Elegance
Booth Number: 305
Exhibitor Website: http://www.hempelegance.com/

Hemp Elegance is excited to introduce its line of hemp products to the global community. We offer practical, elegant clothing and accessories all made from beautiful hemp fabrics. Our intention here at Hemp Elegance is to ensure that the quality of living consciously is enhanced by wearing our clothing and using our products. To create fashionable clothing designs that appeal to people of all ages who desire to feel good about themselves, inside and out?is the mission of Hemp Elegance. Gone are the days of unexciting natural clothing options.

Herman's ECO INC.
Booth Number: 447
Exhibitor Website: http://www.mensyogapants.net/

"Changing How the World Shops"

Herman's ECO INC. is Sweatshop Free & Fair Trade. Herman's buys hemp fabric from China shipped thru the west coast to Montana. We dye and manufacture in house, reducing the carbon footprint. For you fashionistas , Fashion Designer Anna Herman is a great talent inspired by everything cool she ever saw.Herman's ECO INC. 519 4th St

Deer Lodge, Mt 59722 1-406-846-1252 www.mensyogapants.net www.annaherman.com anna@annaherman.com

Booth Number: 307
Exhibitor Website: http://www.ehydrodynamics.com/

Hydrodynamics means "water in motion". We are a company that is committed to removing the allergens and pollutants from the home, at their source! When we come to your home, we'll do an air-wash and show you what's in your air. We'll take samples, and show you what's in your furniture, carpet, mattresses and pillows. What sets us apart is that we don't just show you the problem; we give you the solution to get rid of the problem.

IAG Media Baby Steps / IAG Media, Inc.
Booth Number: 415
Exhibitor Website: http://www.iagmedia.net/

IAGmedia Inc. is a media and marketing services company focusing on family-lifestyle products that help build the intuitive mind.What does that mean? It means we create original content, products and programs, which help in the development of life-skills in our youngest learners. Research shows that children as young as 18 months can learn. Our goal is to help parents prepare their children for life's experiences by providing positive messaging a parent can use to playfully teach, and reinforce, good manners and behavior in everyday situations. We do this through our content and programs we build for our partners.

Information Toxicology International Inc.
Booth Number: 106
Exhibitor Website: http://www.infotox.com/

Info. Tox. International, Inc., is a Toxicology, Occupational Safety and Environmental Health consulting company. It was founded in December 1987 and since its inception, it has provided professional services to thousands of its clients around the world, including the United States of America, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Australia, England, Germany, Netherlands and Italy.


J. R. Watkins Inc.
Booth Number: 440
Exhibitor Website: http://www.jrwatkins.com/

Nestled in the bluffs along the Mississippi river in the small town of Winona, MN, Watkins Incorporated has always offered a sense of purity. For 140 years, Watkins has been America?s pioneer in natural living, utilizing the finest natural ingredients in our product line from apothecary to spices. Since the beginning, Watkins specialized in home remedies using natural botanicals?like camphor, menthol and herbs?to help people feel better and live healthy lives. Company founder J.R. Watkins traveled the world searching for the finest natural herbs and extracts to formulate his remedies. During his travels, he realized the pure and rich spices from far away lands should be shared with his customers to use in their pantry, thus beginning Watkins long history as the spice company. To this day, Watkins adheres strictly to the same quality standards set forth by J.R. Watkins. With our J.R. Watkins Natural Apothecary line of natural personal care, we use only natural, environmentally friendly ingredients from renewable resources, avoiding chemicals like parabens, sulfates, phthalates and more. Since our beginning, Watkins has remained a leader and responsible contributor to our community. Watkins has been one of the largest employers in our little Minnesota town since 1888. Additionally, Watkins continues to support educational, cultural and humanitarian efforts to the larger community, forming partnerships with USTA, FLW, Best Buddies, United Way and many others. Watkins commitment to natural ingredients, sustainability and respect for the environment and our community is our heritage. And as we learn and grow with our consumers, we continue to meet our customer?s needs for a clean, natural, healthier lifestyle.

Jetro / Green Innovation Connect
Booth Number: 236
Exhibitor Website: http://jetro.org/

JETRO provides free market entry information and support to U.S. businesses looking to successfully enter and expand in the Japanese market. Because JETRO is an independent agency of the Japanese government, we are able to provide many of our services for free, including market information, temporary office space, and business partner matching, each designed to encourage thriving relationships between American companies and Japan.


Jungle Motors
Booth Number: 514
Exhibitor Website: https://www.junglemotors.com/

The idea to launch Jungle Motors was conceived after watching Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" and "Who Killed The Electric Car". We knew our planet was in trouble and wanted to help. We knew it was time for change to protect our planet and our future. Our mission is to replace as many gas guzzling, pollutant spewing vehicles as we can with quiet, clean green machines. We refuse to support the oil companies or wars that are fought for oil and profits. Having started more than a dozen successful high-tech companies, we have the experience and expertise to create a viable business that will actually give back and support the people of this planet. We do this for our children. When you purchase an electric vehicle from us, you join us in fighting Global Warming and sustaining the planet for our children (and their children).

Ka Nani Essentials
Booth Number: 412
Exhibitor Website: http://kananiessentials.com/

What makes Ka Nani Essentials different is that instead of producing products with predetermined aromas, ingredients etc., we have an easy to follow buyer customization process that allows the shopper to pick & choose their bath & body additives such as herbs, spices etc, aromas & colors when ordering. All products are not made until the shopper has ordered thus insuring the freshest product available to the consumer. This allows Ka Nani Essentials to keep down their over head costs & to passon those savings to their shoppers in the form of lower prices. Ka Nani Essentials is not a company that touts natural cures from our Organic and Naturally sourced product line. Our ingredients have been extensively researched to ensure that they meet vigorous guidelines for quality. Every one of our ingredients meet or exceed the Vegan guidelines for purity. This is important to us both as mothers and consumers! We work closely with ALL our vendors to make sure that we are getting the best value for the best quality. Whenever possible we buy locally to help support our community & state. And because of these valuable relationships we are able to pass that quality & good value down to our shoppers.

Kate Organics
Booth Number: 333
Exhibitor Website: http://www.kateorganic.com/

Kate has a mindful, sustainable approach to fashion and the environment. Our clothing is made of SKAL certified organic cotton and is produced acording to fair trade guidelines. We use low impact and water based dyes. We are please to have a tree planted by Trees For The Future for every garment we sell.

Ki Energy World
Booth Number: 420
Exhibitor Website: http://www.kienergyworld.com/

In modern life, people are increasingly low in energy, with long work hours, stress, fatigue and physical pain. Masters at the Ki Energy center help to relieve these symptoms, so that people have better health and well-being. The center helps individuals and communities by giving ki energy treatments, Ki training classes and Family Healing.

KIWI Magazine
Booth Number: 401
Exhibitor Website: http://www.kiwimagonline.com/

KIWI is dedicated to helping parents raise their children the healthiest way possible. Our charge is to introduce families to the latest in natural and organic living?showing how to practice this lifestyle on an everyday basis. We know that achieving the right balance between the real world and the ideal world is often difficult. Our lives are busy and our family?s schedules are often simply out of our control. So, our mission is to help you make the best choices, with the best information available, in the shortest amount of time.

Klean Kanteen
Booth Number: 513
Exhibitor Website: http://www.kleankanteen.com/

Before anybody else was making stainless steel water bottles for personal daily hydration, before the current widespread concern about health and environmental issues in relation to plastics, we were cobbling together the first Klean Kanteen prototype from things we bought at the local hardware store here in Chico, California. In 2004, we released the first Klean Kanteen onto the market because we wanted to give people something better than plastic: a lightweight, re-usable, body-friendly bottle free of bisphenol A (BPA); a bottle durable enough to last a lifetime; an easy-to-clean, easy-to-carry beverage container for people of all ages; a bottle that keeps drinks fresh and clean-tasting no matter how many times you refill it; a simple design engineered for function in every way. In those early days, we shared Klean Kanteens with folks we met at music festivals, environmental fairs, outdoor recreation events, and other sorts of groovy gatherings. ?Where can I get some more of these?? they?d ask. ?I love my Klean Kanteen.?

KRLA Radio 870
Booth Number: 633
Exhibitor Website: http://krla870.townhall.com/

Produced and hosted by veteran Los Angeles radio and television news anchor Cindy Dole, HOME WIZARDS will empower listeners with the motivation and know-how to tackle their next project, whether it's a 'Do It Yourself' or requires hiring outside help. She is a familiar voice to Southern California, as an award winning news reporter and anchor in Los Angeles for nearly a decade. When Dole is not covering breaking news, she is breaking into her next home interior or exterior design project, with a personal passion for home improvement and living the role of weekend warrior with her veteran construction professional husband, Bill Kane, who will offer his own brand of reality check advice to HOME WIZARDS listeners.

Lee Homes
Booth Number: 209
Exhibitor Website: http://www.leehomes.net/

The principals of Lee Homes are in their sixth decade as one of the premier real estate development companies in Southern California and together have over 150 years of combined experience. With ?Over 50 Years of Innovative Building?, Lee Homes is a leader in Infill housing development in Southern California. Whether the developments are from the ground up or adaptive re-use, the Lee Homes team has an extensive track record. These developments include private and private/public ventures including redevelopment agencies and community development departments. Several cities, including the City of Los Angeles, City of Lynwood, City of San Pedro, City of Anaheim, City of Cerritos and City of Signal Hill, have chosen Lee Homes and its development team to develop residential redevelopment projects in their cities.

Life Source Water Systems
Booth Number: 601
Exhibitor Website: http://www.lifesourcewater.com/

LifeSource Systems Do Not Waste Water, Backwash is Reused for Irrigation. Water Softeners Waste Hundreds of Gallons fo Water Monthly. Reverse Osmosis Systems Waste 3 to 8 Gallons of Water for Every Gallon of Filtered Water. LifeSource Uses No Salt. Life Source Elminates Need for Bottled Water. LifeSource Uses a Natural Filter Media. Sustainable Producct Design.

Booth Number: 239
Exhibitor Website: http://www.advantagelightsource.com/

Advantage Environmental utilizes state of the art 2W, 8W, and 13W solar collectors and integrates them into professional grade fixtures that provide compatible brightness and efficacy found in traditonal fixtures. Hybrid versions offer a secondary back-up lamp source and integral wiring for inclement weather.

Linda Loudermilk
Booth Number: 435
Exhibitor Website: http://www.lindaloudermilk.com/

Luxury eco? redefines sustainability with design that gives back to the earth. Linda Loudermilk clothing outfits the movement, providing the uniform for this new kind of earth warrior ? an infusion of hope for an abused but resilient planet. Food, shelter, clothing, water and energy?all of which our mother earth has provided us are no longer in endless supply. Energy is running out fast; water has become an issue of human rights. Imagine that. Our fabrics are made of sasawashi, bamboo, sea cell, soya and other exotic self-sustaining plants. Our belief is that the clothing and accessories we wear, the products we use and the vehicles we drive are a perfect conduit for the spirit of this complex, colorful and rockin? earth: this is luxury eco?.

Little Green Birdy
Booth Number: 349
Exhibitor Website: http://thelittlegreenbirdy.com/index.html

Changes in the Earth?s environment have caused us to make greener life choices, for others and ourselves. The Little Green Birdy delivers unique and beautiful gift bags with the most current and eco-friendly products available from companies that are committed to creating a more sustainable planet. The Little Green Birdy gift bags are a perfectly green way to say Welcome, Thank You, Congratulations, and celebrate many other occasions while showing your commitment to protecting our precious environment. We?re happy to customize your gift selections too! The Little Green Birdy is perfect for corporate gifts and we can emboss your company logo on the 100% biodegradable jute bag! Just call us for our expert advice!

Los Angeles Conservation Corps
Booth Number: 242
Exhibitor Website: http://www.lacorps.org/

Our primary mission is to provide at-risk young adults and school-aged youth with opportunities for success through job skills training, education and work experience with an emphasis on conservation and service projects that benefit the community.

Los Angeles County Bike Coalition
Booth Number: 521
Exhibitor Website: http://www.la-bike.org/

Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC) works to build a better, more bike-able Los Angeles County. LACBC is the only nonprofit, membership-based and supported organization working exclusively for the millions of bicyclists in Los Angeles County.

Los Angeles Times
Booth Number: 201
Exhibitor Website: http://www.latimes.com/

The Los Angeles Times is the only newspaper in the West with the resources and commitment to cover important stories wherever they happen. We strive to be the definitive news source for Californians, an essential part of the national news dialogue, and the voice of Los Angeles around the world.

Los Angeles Zoo
Booth Number: 620
Exhibitor Website: http://www.lazoo.org/

The Los Angeles Zoo is owned and operated by the City of Los Angeles. From its opening in 1966 until 1997, the Zoo operated as a division of the City?s Recreation and Parks Department. On July 1, 1997, the Zoo became its own city department, with a clearer and direct voice to the City Council and more direct control over its operations.

Low-E Reflective Insulation
Booth Number: 207
Exhibitor Website: http://lowereflectiveinsulation.com/

Low-E Insulation is a simple to install & environmentally friendly reflective insulation product. By providing high R-values either stand alone or in conjunction with mass insulations Low-E can help increase energy savings. Low-E can be used in all facets of the building industry where conventional insulations are used. This includes residential, commercial and recreational applications. It can be used alone or in conjunction with mass insulations for high R-systems. From large commercial buildings, light gauge steel to post frame structures and residential construction. Low-E can be used to save money on heating and cooling costs.

Booth Number:
Exhibitor Website: http://www.lucita.net/

LUCIT?is a bold and vibrant force in the field of media and communications. All we do is media. Socially conscious media. we are... a design firm. a photography studio. a communications company. a media consultancy firm. a think tank. in one. you come to us, you get it all. we?re writers, poets, editors. we?re artists, designers, photographers. we?re consultants, speakers, workshop leaders. we?re people in business. Our consultants are like family, as we are for them. Our clients are our partners, our friends, our mentors, as we are for them. That?s the way it should be. We?re signatory members of the united nations global compact,we?re deeply committed to integrity, quality and beauty, and we?re madly in love with our work. And that shows.

Booth Number: 431
Exhibitor Website: http://www.mamapalooza.com/Swirl.html

Mamapalooza is dedicated to serving, promoting, celebrating, encouraging, inspiring and awakening ALL mothers through Media, Commerce, Connection and Performing Fine Arts. Our mission is to enlighten and empower all women to claim their voice by:  Establishing a new art form that speaks to the unique and collective perspective of women who are mothers, while sharing this with the world, creating sustainable programming & opportunities through ongoing events, merchandising, and media presentations, acting as a resource and lifestyle guide for mothers seeking support in mainstream and alternative settings,  and supporting the choices mothers have made, while educating and empowering them in order to support these choices.

Mariella Collection
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Mariella Collection is composed of several distinct lines, each one is designed around a unique concept, a look, and the cahracteristics of the material it represents. The concept behind Mariella Collection is the revival of ancient arts such as hand-looming, hand-weaving, hand-carving and stone inlay amont others, combined with traditional silversmithing; -- a fusion of the ethnic and exotic with the chic and trendy. Our jewelry is handcrafted using only the finest natural materials and traditional, eco-friendly techniques that sustain our resources and our environment. Among the natural materials used are .950 silver, fine silver, genuine semi-precious stones; natural and vegetable fibers along with organic elements of diverse origins.

Marriott Vacation Club
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Exhibitor Website: http://www.vacationclub.com/

Travel wherever your imagination allows: an Aruban scuba adventure, 72-holes in Hilton Head, a leisurely ride through the French countryside... You can make it happen with Marriott Vacation Club. Choose your ideal home resort from our selection of more than 40 fabulous resorts, and start vacationing the Marriott way.

Martifer Solar / A&M Energy Solutions
Booth Number: 211
Exhibitor Website: http://www.amhomeimprovement.com/

Martifer Solar is an innovative energy solutions company that delivers and guarantees profitable economic performance combined with enduring environmental results. We specialize in the marketing and installation of residential, commercial, and industrial PV electric systems and components. With over a decade of experience in California's emerging solar energy industry, Martifer Solar's success is rooted in three core business values: setting the highest standard of client service in the industry, closely monitoring the performance of every product we use, and maintaining strong relationships with clients, business partners, and key players in the renewable energy field. Previously known as A&M Energy Solutions, we've steadily grown into one of Southern California's most respected solar companies, serving residential to mid and large-scale commercial projects. www.martifersolarusa.com / www.amhomeimprovement.com ?  1-877 Solar-LA


Booth Number: 604
Exhibitor Website: http://www.metro.net/

?Go Metro? it?s easy. With 200 buses and four Metro Rail Lines. Metro can take you about anywhere in LA County. Let us show you how to plan your trip, visit www.metro.net and check our trip planner or call 1-800-COMMUTE.

Mil-Tek, Inc.
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Exhibitor Website: http://www.miltek-us.com/

We are a leading international supplier of waste solutions. We supply solutionsto compact many different types of cardboard, plastic, paper, tin foil, EPS, mixed waste, cans and drums.

Mohawk Fine Paper
Booth Number: 104
Exhibitor Website: http://mohawkpaper.com/

Known for innovation, service, and quality, Mohawk Fine Papers Inc. is the largest premium paper manufacturer in North America. A highly competitive, low-cost producer of premium writing, text, cover, and digital papers, Mohawk offers a forward-looking product line that includes some of the best-known brands in the industry: Strathmore, an internationally recognized name in corporate identity papers; Beckett, featuring unprecedented environmental benefits in five extraordinary finishes; Mohawk Superfine, the industry standard for traditional uncoated printing paper; Via, the value leader in text and cover; Navajo and Options, featuring the patented Inxwell process; the new i-Tone process developed for the HP Indigo; and Mohawk Color Copy, with the proprietary Digital Imaging Surface? for superior color copy results.

Mohr Power Solar
Booth Number: 340
Exhibitor Website: http://www.mohrpower.com/

Mohr Power Solar, Inc., is an established design, service, sales and installation solar contractor, specializing in solar electricity, solar pool / SPA heating, solar hot water heating systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Mohr power Solar, Inc., was founded in 1982 to promote the public awareness and supply a ? Clean Environmentally Safe Energy ? to the Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties. In addition, our company offers products, information and expertise to our customers nationwide.

Mona Vie
Booth Number: 210
Exhibitor Website: http://www.mvbwell.com/

Mona Vie acai berry juice drink is made by Monarch Industries. Dr. Ralph Carson, Ph.D., RD, LD is the original creator of MonaVie. He is a nationally recognized expert in weight disorder and obesity, and he is supported by a Medical Advisory Board of experts including the former president of the American Medical Association. Mona Vie juice is made with acai berries, which are harvested in a ecologically responsible manner from the amazon rain forests. Learn more about our commitment to the preservation of the Amazon forests. Mona Vie is manufactured in the USA under strict quality control. For more information, please read our Frequently Asked Questions about Mona Vie nutritional acai juice or read more about each of the 19 fruits in Mona Vie.

Booth Number: 629
Exhibitor Website: http://www.moxxor.com/

Welcome to MOXXOR, the most powerful concentrate of all-natural omega-3's and antioxidants on the planet exclusively from the pure pristine environment of New Zealand?The story behind Moxxor begins in the spectacular Marlborough Sounds region on the South Island of New Zealand where the nutrient-rich Tasman and South Pacific oceans collide.  In this natural pristine environment grow perna canaliculus, the New Zealand greenlip mussel, source of the world's most powerful and effective all-natural Omega-3. Looking to provide a complete world-class wellness product, the preeminent antioxidant has been added. The world's most powerful antioxidant comes from within the sauvignon blanc grape seed husk found only in the Marlborough region. Researchers have shown that antioxidants effectively combat free-radicals and aging. So what makes the Marlborough Sounds region of New Zealand so unique and rare? The hole in the ozone layer above the Marlborough region creates intense UV radiation which causes all organisms living in this environment to evolve. The visionaries and co-founders of Moxxor, Noel and John Turner, have taken the most effective all-natural anti-inflammatory and blended it with the world's most potent antioxidant to create MOXXOR.


Booth Number: 331
Exhibitor Website: http://www.nadachair.com/

Welcome to Nada-Chair! Since 1985 we have been patenting and producing a unique line of back support systems designed to use your body to support itself. We are in the business of easing and preventing back pain. No matter how much time you spend each day sitting or driving, you will find something here to make your life more healthy and comfortable. Used in space by NASA astronauts, our products are light and versatile enough to go with you anywhere. And while scientific studies have shown them to be more effective than others that cost thousands more, our products are priced so that anyone can afford them. Because of the demonstration nature of our products, they are primarily available by ordering on this website or through purchases at trade and consumer shows. Our products are all manufactured to the highest standards both materially and ethically. We have proudly maintained our business relationship with the same overseas manufacturer for two decades in spite of competitive quotes from other manufacturers. The reason? Throughout the years, with multiple visits per year on occasion, we have found our factory aspiring to the standards demanded by our Code of Conduct.

Booth Number: 427
Exhibitor Website: http://www.nandina.info/index1.php

Nandina is an innovative company created by people who are passionately committed to protecting and preserving our environment for the future. We recognize from the growing worldwide demand for green products that consumers are looking for viable alternatives to the mass-produced and potentially harmful brands most of us still use today. Nandina is an innovative new yarn that applies cutting edge technology to sustainable and organic plant resources. The result: A Fiber for the Future.  Nandina is a natural blend of certified organic cotton and plantation grown bamboo. The fiber is woven into our Heavenly Bamboo towels, creating the luster of silk, the softness of aged cotton, and the durability and ease of care found in more traditional fabrics. Our mission is to provide our customers with luxurious, high quality products that are derived from sustainable resources and responsible manufacturing processes. With that commitment in mind, Nandina ? continues to research and develop new products that fully utilize natural materials.

NBC Los Angeles
Booth Number: 200
Exhibitor Website: http://www.nbcuni.com/

NBC Universal is one of the world?s leading media and entertainment companies in the development, production, and marketing of entertainment, news, and information to a global audience.

Noah's Naturals / Bidirectretail
Booth Number: 323
Exhibitor Website: http://www.noahsnaturals.com/

Noah's Naturals is a family of natural and organic beauty care brands offering luxurious formulas with indulgent fragrances that are all good! Each product is formulated with natural ingredients and essential oils to provide you the best quality products available to the mass market. Your body, hair and face will love you for it and so will the Earth!

North Cal Wood Products
Booth Number: 344
Exhibitor Website: http://www.northcal.com/

North Cal Wood Products is located in Ukiah, California, has been family owned and operated since 1984. Situated on 15 acres of land about 2 hours north of San Francisco, North Cal has an inventory of several million board feet of antique redwood and Douglas fir timbers, siding, and flooring. Our fifty man processing facility can mill and machine our raw materials into any shape needed, including notching and shaping beams for assembly, milling siding and flooring to customer specifications, and constructing components and subassemblies. We are able to grade lumber and provide structural, architectural, and decorative material.

Oakleaf Waste Management
Booth Number: 246
Exhibitor Website: http://www.oakleafwaste.com/

OAKLEAF continues to revolutionize the waste services industry with a first-to-market, asset-light business model and unparalleled technology infrastructure. Since 1995, OAKLEAF has been an industry leading provider dedicated to optimizing and managing resources to build partnerships for financial and environmental balance. OAKLEAF provides comprehensive waste, recycling and sustainability solutions to the industrial, property management, chain store, hospitality, construction and healthcare industries, focusing on waste diversion strategies and closed loop processes that support environmental commitment, offset overall waste spend and build stakeholder value.

Orangutan Conservancy
Booth Number: 123
Exhibitor Website: http://www.orangutan.net/

Experts believe we could witness the extinction of the orangutan in the wild in as few as 25 years. However, there are orangutan conservation projects making a positive impact in the field, staffed by heroic and dedicated people. The Orangutan Conservancy supports these projects that protect both wild and rehabilitated orangutans, as well as their habitat. The Orangutan Conservancy helps conservation projects that are working to protect the forests and to stop the destructive impact of logging. These projects also fight poaching and help communities develop long-term plans for alternate sustainable incomes.

Orangutan Republik Foundation
Booth Number: 123
Exhibitor Website: http://www.orangutanrepublik.org/

Founded in October 2004, The Orang Utan Republik Education Initiative (OUREI) is a project co-administered under the umbrellas of Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE),  and the Orang Utan Republik Foundation, both 501(c)(3) public charities. The mission of OUREI is to facilitate conservation education and outreach regarding the endangered orangutan so that it will be saved from extinction.

Organic Fiji
Booth Number: 321
Exhibitor Website: http://www.organicfiji.com/

While on a family vacation in Fiji, Bob Rogers discovered the secret to the Fijian Islander's beautiful skin, Certified Organic Coconut Oil.  The Islander's use this oil in all beauty products and consume it on a daily basis.  Bob then learned that the organic coconut plantation in Fiji burns the coconut husks to provide a clean, sustainable, and environmentally friendly source of energy for the plantation and the surrounding communities.  After witnessing the amazing properties of coconut oil, and social responsibility of the plantation, Bob new he had to share this Fijian Island secret with the rest of the world.  Thus, the basis for all Organic Fiji products is this Certified Organic Coconut Oil

Oriental Medical Center
Booth Number: 445
Exhibitor Website: http://www.omcdrteng.com/home

Pulse Diagnosis on your wrist can read most of your illnesses and disorders of internal organs and musculoskeletal tissues!  It is a technique that takes doctor's talent and knowledge to find the root of your pathological/physiological problems without any aid of instrument.  Originated about a couple of thousand years ago in China, it is almost a lost skill today, and only a rare number of doctors practice it with confidence and accuracy.

OZO Life
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Exhibitor Website: http://www.ozolife.com/

OZOlife.com is an online magazine and free daily email dedicated to sustainable, stylish living. From the team behind OZOcar, New York?s first eco-luxury private car service, the site covers chic, practical, intelligent solutions for everything from food and fashion to technology and travel.

Sign up now for bite-sized email updates, weekly profiles of influential tastemakers, consumer reports, links to the best green news and chatter, and more.

Pacific Home Remodeling
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Exhibitor Website: http://www.pacifichomeremodeling.com/

Pacific Home Remodeling is one of the largest home improvement companies in Southern California. We have Šnbsp;proudly served Southern California for over 9 years with 19 years of experience in the remodeling business. Pacific Home Remodeling is licensed to work and serve satisfied customers in San Diego County, Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County and Ventura County. All together we have over 10,000 happy customers.

Pacific Monarch Resorts
Booth Number: 512
Exhibitor Website: https://pacificmonarchresorts.com/

At Monarch Grand Vacations we understand how important your vacations are. We've created spectacular resorts with fabulous vacation ambiances for you to share with the people who mean the most to you. We've set them amid the magic of spectacular locations, and we've tailored the ownership program to the way you like to vacation, putting the emphasis on flexibility and choice.

Perf Go Green, Inc.
Booth Number: 117
Exhibitor Website: http://perfgogreen.com/

Our corporate name, Perf Go Green, Inc., reflects our ?Go Green? mission from inception to create a GREEN company for the development and global marketing of 100% eco-friendly, non-toxic, food contact compliant Biodegradable Plastic Products. We believe our naturally smart design is a practical and viable solution to eliminating plastic waste from the world environment. New products currently include: 16 Gallon Extra Tall Kitchen Trash Bags 33 gallon Extra Strong Garage, Lawn & Leaf Trash Bags Commercial Garbage Bags Kitty Litter Pan Liners Plastic Drop Cloths At PGG, we feel it?s our duty to help make the world green and help keep it as it was meant to be?sustainable. Collectively, it?s time we all stopped trashing the planet. It?s not just the RIGHT thing to do, it?s the SMART thing to do! That?s why we?ve founded the Go Green 21.0 Foundation. Go Green 21.0 will foster and promote green initiatives around the world with the help of schools, communities and individuals wanting to make a difference. We will capitalize and fund Go Green 21.0 with a percentage of stock and revenues from Perf Go Green, Inc. while seeking sponsorships with like minded brands, associations and institutions. Ultimately, Go Green 21.0 is about leaving nothing behind.

PermaCity Solar
Booth Number: 103
Exhibitor Website: http://www.permacity.com/

PermaCity was founded on a simple idea ? our planet deserves to be run on pure environmental energy. Solar power is one of the most abundant, clean and cost effective resources on Earth. The convergence of photovoltaic systems, advanced software-driven monitoring and energy efficient building materials, allows PermaCity to design completely energy independent buildings. In the future, we hope to promote communities and cities that are 100% sustainable.

Plug In America
Booth Number: 518
Exhibitor Website: http://www.pluginamerica.org/

Plug In America is an effective grass-roots organization advocating tirelessly for the production of all-electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. As the only non-profit organization focusing solely on electric transportation, Plug In America is proud to be the loudest voice promoting clean, efficient, battery-driven cars. We will not rest until Americans have the chance to plug into cleaner personal transportation choices. Plug In America drives change. We accelerate the shift to plug-in vehicles powered by clean, affordable, domestic electricity to reduce our nation's dependence on petroleum and improve the global environment.

Positively Earth, Inc.
Booth Number: 347
Exhibitor Website: http://www.positivelyearth.com/

Positively Earth Inc. is a small family owned and operated business dedicated to changing the world in our own small way by bringing you exceptional sustainable products. We are a great resource for Eco-Friendly materials such as Organic Cotton, Hemp, Recycled Materials, and much more. As our customer, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are purchasing Earth-Friendly products. We are confident that you will find something special for yourself and fabulous gifts for friends, family and the family dog. Go Green!

Prevailing WindPower
Booth Number: 145
Exhibitor Website: http://www.prevailingwindpower.com/

Prevailing Wind Power sells and installs custom residential, agricultural, and small commercial wind systems.  We provide full service in getting you connected with wind power and saving money on electricity. Our services include: Analysis of energy needs, potential cost savings, and installation site, including a FREE zoning and site check, wind system design, obtaining local building permits, working with the local utility company, if system is connected to the grid, and complete, professional installation of turbine, tower and connection. Our experience in the wind system design, permitting, and regulatory process, along with financing options, if needed, remove the barriers and risk for the customer so they can enjoy the cost savings associated with wind power.

Printing Responsibly: OnDemand Color Group
Booth Number: 100
Exhibitor Website: http://www.printingresponsibly.com/

Printing Responsibly is an environmentally friendly commercial printing company offering Sustainable Print Solutions. Our production facility is both FSC and SFI certified reflecting our commitment to providing a socially responsible product. We will provide you with the information and tools to help you make educated, environmentally-friendly print buying decisions. Printing Responsibly features include: FSC Certification, Online Estimating, Online Tool Kit, ?The Green Room? Blog, a Green Guarantee, and Waterless Printing.

Progressive Insulation & Windows
Booth Number: 130
Exhibitor Website: http://www.progressiveiw.com/default.asp

Professionally installed insulation is an important part of your home's "Thermal Envelope". It's one of the smartest investments you can make in your home. When you install Formaldehyde-free? home insulation, along with new energy efficient replacement windows and doors, you have effectively placed a Thermal Envelope around your home that will keep you comfortable year 'round and keep your energy bills down. Insulation keeps your home warmer in the winter, which lowers your heating costs. In the summer insulation keeps your home cooler, which eases the load on your air conditioner. Insulation can actually absorb sound, reducing the unwanted noise from appliances, audio equipment, conversation and other sources of sound that are transmitted through your walls and floors. Insulation also keeps your family more comfortable by making it easier for your furnace or air conditioner to maintain a constant temperature.  JM fiber glass insulation in particular promotes better air quality and a healthier environment for you and your family because it's Formaldehyde-free?. Also, insulation retards the growth of potentially hazardous mold and mildew in your walls and ceilings that can result from trapped moisture.


Pure Green LLC
Booth Number: 300
Exhibitor Website: http://www.puregreen24.com/

Pure Green, LLC is the international distributor of PureGreen24 Disinfectant and Deodorizer. PureGreen24 is the first Green disinfectant registered by the Federal EPA; ?your only choice for a proven green disinfectant?. Pure Green, LLC is dedicated to reducing health risks caused by exposure to viruses, fungi and bacteria without endangering humans and animals during the disinfecting process. PureGreen24 kills MRSA, VRE, and Staph, yet also kills common household germs and is safe for use in the presence of children and animals. PureGreen24 is based on a patented Silver Ion SDC technology that is a true ?green? disinfectant with 24 hour effectiveness. Pure Green, LLC is further distinguished by donating 10% of profits to charities which support children?s health, cancer research and animal protection. Additional information about PureGreen24 is available at www.puregreen24.com.

Booth Number: 327
Exhibitor Website: http://www.pure-fiber.com/

Pure Fiber International, Inc. is committed to offering you exceptional products and superior customer service. Our commitment to you begins with selection of the finest materials, the most skilled craftsmanship and the highest quality control and safety standards. At Pure Fiber International, our goal is to put your needs first. Our team of experts is ready to deliver excellence in customer support, product selection and customization. Whether you need bath and bed linen products for the home, the golf shop, hotels, and spas or for your promotional needs, you can count on Pure Fiber to continually meet your business needs. Our team of experts includes product designers, textile professionals, creative marketing and business advisors. So call the Pure Fiber Team today and enjoy the wide variety of product selection with us.

Raecyclements / Rejuviebagz
Booth Number: 337
Exhibitor Website: http://www.raecyclements.com/

Raecyclements is an Orange County based company focused on selling a line of handbags and accessories made from recycled goods. The Raecyclement?s line labeled ?Rejuviebagz?--- is extremely functional and stylish for being made from materials that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. The driving force behind the innovative products is handbag designer Rebecca Molina.

Raising The Lights
Booth Number: 606
Exhibitor Website: http://www.raisingthelights.org/

AS ROLE MODELS, we have a unique opportunity to influence the way our children impact the environment and envision their future in it. By offering Raising the Lights approved products, our children can feel personally responsible for a making a difference in how their family and friends? impact the environment. We believe offering environmentally sound products and educating our children to what impact their use has on the environment, we will foster social responsibility in our children, and help them learn to reduce, reuse and recycle in the fight against global warming.

Rare Natural Care
Booth Number: 309
Exhibitor Website: http://www.rarenatural.com/

OUR products are made of natural plant and botanical ingredients from certified organic sources. They are 100% vegan (contain no animal by-products) and not tested on animals.  They are free from parabens, formaldehyde/formaldehyde donors, petroleum by-products, alcohol, PEG & TEA and GMO materials. All our products are made with natural preservatives.

Raw Organic Saving The Planet
Booth Number: 607
Exhibitor Website: http://www.rawinten.com/

he recipes literally only take 10 minutes to make and are ready to serve! With my new techniques, recipes and innovations you do not have to dehydrate anything, there are no complicated instructions or ingredients, it is all designed to be fun, fast, easy, simple and delicious. Finally truly healthy fast food and instant meals! The only equipment you need is a blender. After you make them you will be amazed at how quick and simple they all were and yet look and taste super decadent, amazing, gourmet and you will love how they are perfectly balanced with the ultimate in nutrition and health benefits.

REC Solar
Booth Number: 310
Exhibitor Website: http://www.recsolar.com/

REC Solar, Inc. specializes in grid-tied solar electric design and installation, offering the latest technology, state of the art equipment, and financing opportunities for all commercial and residential customers. We maintain a dedicated staff of engineers, designers, and installers to make solar a turnkey solution for our customers. With a focus on quality, professionalism, and services, REC Solar has excelled to become a trusted market leader.

Response Vehicle Solutions
Booth Number: 116
Exhibitor Website: http://www.responsevehiclesolutions.com/default.asp

Response Vehicle Solutions (RVS), a new and exciting LLC under the ownership of Ray Claridge and his CHP Enterprises Corporation, is a division that will exclusively market and sell a wide array of vehicles used within the Fire, Rescue, EMS,  and Law Enforcement industries.  Response Vehicle Solutions has recently been assigned the distributorship in southern California for the premium line of ambulances manufactured by Medtec Ambulance Corporation, an Oshkosh Corporation Company.  RVS is a substantial organization backed by the expansive Cinema Vehicle?s facility providing us the ability to work with any division and/or personnel associated with Fire, Police, EMS, Rescue, or National Security agencies on any vehicular project that you are considering

Booth Number: 343
Exhibitor Website: http://www.reuseniks.com/index.html

We hate plastic bags. We hate them so much we came up with the Clothesnik, a 100% cotton garment bag made specifically for those who love to dry clean but hate to pollute. Designed with a drawstring at the bottom and zipper down the front, just bundle your dirty clothes in the Clothesnik to the dry cleaners or laundry, and they come back clean and ready to go hanging in the same bag. Just like a regular garment bag, but better. For you, your neighbor, the world. Just say no to plastic bags with the Clothesnik. The Clothesnik is a super-premium bag made for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint - for you, your dry cleaners, those companies who want to make a positively green statement, fashion boutiques and fashion designers - everyone and anyone who is looking for a way to improve our environment.

Ride Amigos
Booth Number: 506
Exhibitor Website: http://www.rideamigos.com/

Launched September 5, 2007, RideAmigos.com is a free Internet "Search, Post, and Contact" engine that allows users to create "cabshares," environmentally friendly, money saving transportation arrangements, similar to carpools but more applicable to life in New York City. Simply put, RideAmigos.com connects New Yorkers who are leaving from the same area, going to the same destination at the same time, so that they can share taxis. Searches range from ?one time only? rides to the airport, to ?recurring? daily transportation rides to and/or from work.

Booth Number: 423
Exhibitor Website: http://www.rocknsocks.net/

RocknSocks creates original and unique socks made in the U.S.A. with regenerated cotton yarns. Regenerated cotton, is a recycled textile, made using a unique manufacturing process that conserves land, water, and energy. It is a sustainable textile product, certified by OEKO-TEX standard 100. RocknSocks is proud to be an approved member of Coop America's Green Business Network. RocknSocks strives to bring you cool styles that keep you warm and looking good.

Sam and Jo Company LLC
Booth Number: 438
Exhibitor Website: http://www.ilovemyh2o.com/

In 2005, Sam Eastwood and Jo Crane began researching water filtration, driven by the simple desire to find the very best products for their families? health. They were immediately frustrated by conflicting advice and the vast array of available systems, each claiming to be the best choice. They immediately identified with busy, working moms and heath-conscious, career men and women with little or no time to research this vital issue! After extensive study and product testing, Sam and Jo felt qualified to set up I Love My H2O and bring the benefit of their research and experience to a wider audience. That?s you! Sam and Jo are proud to be affiliated with the leading manufacturers of high-performance water filtration products. This provides you, the customer, with a direct line to qualified water technicians, at the cutting-edge of the industry.

Sapothecary Soaps
Booth Number: 408
Exhibitor Website: http://sapothecary.com/

Welcome to Sapothecary, makers of handcrafted, artisan quality, essential oil scented, private label bar soap. Like apothecary shops of past times, we use handpicked botanical ingredients in precise combinations to create luxurious bar soaps for the discerning client. From a soothing, moisturizing facial bar to a gritty, scrub-your-hands-clean-after-working-in-the-garden bar, we create cold-processed soaps which gently cleanse the skin while allowing the bather a chance to experience the complex scents and sensations of the plant world.

Savage Designs
Booth Number: 432
Exhibitor Website: http://savagedesigns.net/

SAVAGE DESIGNS is an emerging ecologically conscious clothing and design company committed to raising awareness about natural fibers through collaborating with indigenous villagers, bringing new eco-fibers into the North American market & evolving in an upward spiral together.

Sears Brands, LLC / Blue Climate Crew
Booth Number: 134
Exhibitor Website: http://www.searsblueclimatecrew.com/fyp/

The Sears Blue Climate Crew consultant will provide a personalized roadmap for improving your home's safety, comfort, and energy efficiency. An estimated of the energy saving from any improvements in included. Sears provides many of the home improvement remedies that ma be recommended. We can provide services relating to heating and cooling systems, windows, insulation, air sealing, Energy Star appliances, and more. Sears Home Energy Audit evaluates your home energy efficiency and provides you with a comprehensive improvement plan. The Sears Blue Climate Crew will help you get started on recommended improvements by crediting back the entire special $275 audit price on qualifying purchases.* We service Orange County, California and many other parts of Los Angeles. Give us a call to see if we are in your area.

Simply Hybrid
Booth Number: 508
Exhibitor Website: https://www.simplyhybrid.com/

Whether you worry about the size of your carbon footprint or the cost of gasoline, a hybrid vehicle offers you greener options.  Simply Hybrid was created to bring solutions to global warming into the car rental business. By renting a hybrid vehicle, you can be part of the solution.  Simply Hybrid offers a variety of pure hybrid vehicles ranging from the compact Honda Civic to the midsize Toyota Prius to the larger GMC Yukon.  All our vehicles are top of the line luxury models featuring built-in satellite navigation. We want to help put the harsh environmental impact of the industrial revolution behind us through a technological revolution that can save our environment.  So what are you waiting for?

Booth Number: 608
Exhibitor Website: http://www.smart2begreen.com/

smart2begreen is a website and subscribable eco-newsletter that can help rejuvenate your mornings with a little bit of humor and some tasty morsels of environmental know-how. Just sign-up to receive our eNewsletter and we?ll send along some tips, such as where you can go to make a few bucks off of your can and bottle collection. We?ll also give you eco-friendly details on energy conservation, recycling, personal care products, organic foods and energy-efficient products, all for the low, low cost of FREE. With Smart2begreen you can learn how to shop smart, live smart, and even be smart.

So Cal Remodeling Products
Booth Number: 342
Exhibitor Website: http://www.socalremodeling.com/index.html

So Cal Remodeling specializes in home performance. That means we provide products/services that will make your home more energy efficient; saving energy, saving you money and making your home more comfortable.

Solar City
Booth Number: 232
Exhibitor Website: http://www.solarcity.com/

SolarCity is California?s No. 1 provider of clean, solar power to homeowners and small businesses, according to the California Public Utilities Commission. The company provides solar power system design, financing, installation, monitoring and related services. SolarCity is focused on making solar power more affordable, and its first-of-its-kind SolarLease financing option can allow homeowners to pay less each month for solar power than they previously paid for electricity from their power company. The company currently serves more than 300 communities in California, Arizona and Oregon, and can be reached at 888-765-2489 or www.solarcity.com.

Booth Number: 204
Exhibitor Website: http://solarover.com/

Environmentally-friendly mobile power generation has arrived. SolaRover? Mobile Solar Power Systems provide pure, consistent electricity for all types of commercial, industrial and emergency applications ? wherever and whenever needed. Categorically clean, absolutely silent and far more economical than comparable diesel generators over the long term, SolaRover systems offer today?s best investments in portable power generators. With unparalleled engineering, leading-edge components, rugged steel construction and a variety of practical options, SolaRover sets the benchmark high.

Spinal Health Awareness
Booth Number: 424
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Our purpose is to educate the general public about the benefits of chiropractic care by providing spinal screenings, health information, and low-cost evaluations to the members of our community.  We welcome you to take advantage of our chiropratic sevices.

Star Eco Station
Booth Number: 413
Exhibitor Website: http://www.ecostation.org/

STAR ECO Station is an internationally award-winning non-profit environmental education and exotic wildlife rescue center, dedicated to the mission of Preservation Through Education. Working in collaboration with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and other government and environmental organizations, STAR ECO Station provides a last chance for illegal or abandoned at-risk exotic wildlife, as well as environmental education outreach programs in over 40 California school districts.

Star Office Supplies
Booth Number: 114
Exhibitor Website: http://www.starofficesupplies.com/

Star Office Supplies has been in the business of supplying office products to the Southern California market since 1984. We are a woman owned, minority business whose main focus has always been and continues to be: "Looking at your business from your point of view." A combined experience of more than 300 years between our management and sales staff helps us to have proper insight into changing trends in the office products industry and more importantly, any new trends taking place in business throughout the country. We are on top of the latest and most technologically savvy products in industries such as technology, furniture, office design, office coffee and equipment and much more!

Steaz / Healthy Beverage Company
Booth Number: 617
Exhibitor Website: http://www.steazteas.com/

We created Steaz with one purpose - to provide consumers with the best tasting organic and fair trade beverages on the planet. Over the past six years we have been proud to see that vision realized. Steaz is now the best selling brand of organic soft drinks and energy drinks in the U.S. Every day, more and more consumers find their way to the brand that is quite simply good for the mind, body, and soul. And we will continue to build on our promise by introducing new products that deliver on our triple bottom-line business philosophy of people, planet and profits. So crack open a Steaz and enjoy the best Mother Nature has to offer and know that you are doing your part to make this a healthier world.

Sun Run
Booth Number: 133
Exhibitor Website: http://www.sunrunhome.com/

Imagine getting the electricity you need from a clean, renewable source right at home. And then imagine paying only a fraction of the cost to get that electricity. Feeling warm and fuzzy inside? When you choose SunRun Solar Service?, you only pay for the electricity generated by the system installed at your home - you don't have to buy any of the equipment. You enter into a power purchase agreement (PPA) with us, and we guarantee the system will produce a predetermined amount of solar electricity over the life of our agreement.

Sunvalley Solar Inc.
Booth Number: 131
Exhibitor Website: http://www.sunvalleysolartech.com/

Sunvalley Solar Inc. is the first solar power technology and system integration company founded by Chinese-American professionals. It is a Corporation Limited registered in California, U.S.A. in February 2007. Sunvalley Solar Inc. consists of a seasoned management team, a group of outstanding Chinese-American scientists (most of them graduated from well-known universities in USA or Canada with Ph.D. degrees in the field of Opto-electronics or Physics), and an experienced engineer team, including solar power system design engineers, solar power system installation engineers, electrical system design engineers and construction engineers, etc. Sunvalley also has a professional sales/marketing team.  Sunvalley owns C-46 Solar License and C-10 Electrical License from CBCL (California Board of Contractor License). All Sunvalley?s engineers and project managers have Certification of Solar Power System Design and Installation from SEI (Solar Energy International Training School). Sunvalley is one of a few companies, and the only one Chinese-American company in California that has the permit and expertise to install large commercial or governmental solar power systems. It is the fastest growing soSunvalleylar power technology and system integration company. Its growing list of satisfied customers is a reflection of the care and attention we pay to every installation.

Supreme Master TV
Booth Number: 515
Exhibitor Website: http://www.suprememastertv.com/

SUPREME MASTER TV is a free-to-air satellite channel broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a variety of engaging programs in English with over 40 languages and subtitles. Being the ideal television channel that brings to your life Nobility and Spirituality. Broadcasting on 14 satellites platforms across the globe.

Synergy Clothing Company
Booth Number: 333
Exhibitor Website: http://www.synergyclothing.com/

Synergy was established with the vision of being a blend of Eastern and Western influence, a Synergy of design influence. Our clothing is handmade in both Nepal and India, drawing on Asia's rich tradition of textile design and infusing a fresh modern, Western design ethos. We create clothing that has both unusual details and grpahics, while also exuding easy simplicity. We hope you enjoy!

SYNLawn of California
Booth Number: 241
Exhibitor Website: http://www.synlawn.com/

SYNLawn is leading the synthetic grass industry in the areas of landscape, golf and playground applications. As the only vertically integrated manufacturer, SYNLawn designs, produces and distributes the most advanced synthetic grass products on the market. Because of this, we offer you the most variety of artificial grass products available at the highest quality and at a competitive price. As the manufacturer, we offer the only line of artificial grass products in the industry with a manufacturer backed warranty. Take a look around and browse our large selection of artificial turf products. We?re confident we have what you are looking for.

Terramor Organic Home
Booth Number: 305
Exhibitor Website: http://www.terramororganic.com/

Terramor Organic Home is your source for organic, non-toxic products to help you and your family live a healthy, joyous, environmentally-sustainable lifestyle!  Allergies? asthma? ?Sick Building Syndrome??cancer?are these affecting your life? No surprise there; incidents of these conditions have risen sharply in recent decades, and researchers strongly suspect that toxic chemicals in products we use everyday are responsible. According to the Canadian Lung Association and Asthma Society, asthma has increased by 600% since 1980. ADD/ADHD has become an epidemic. Behavioral problems have long been linked to exposure to toxic chemicals. Formaldehyde, phenol, benzene, toluene, and xylene --all found in common household cleaners, mattresses and fabrics -- are toxic to the immune and nervous systems, most of us assume cotton is a healthy, natural material. But it?s the third most heavily-sprayed crop in the world, treated with thousands of different chemicals in the manufacturing process!* But there?s good news, too. Now you can choose smarter for yourself and your family?and at the same time, enjoy the process of healing both yourself and the planet! *We offer dozens of products for bed, bath and baby, all made from non-toxic, organic, sustainably-harvested materials, including 100 percent organic cotton. Terramor Organic Home is the healthy choice for those who want to improve their life, leave a lighter footprint on the environment ? and have some fun while doing it. Join us as we take a healthy step into a better future.

The Architect's Newspaper
Booth Number: 610
Exhibitor Website: http://www.archpaper.com/

The Architect's Newspaper emerged from the desire, expressed by most architects we know, for a publication that speaks directly to them. We hear, constantly, that architects feel underserved or underwhelmed by existing design publications. They want something that reflects their interests and practices. No rah-rah, no puffery. Just useful information. Insightful, readable criticism. Diverse voices. Open dialogue.

The Closet Guy
Booth Number: 136
Exhibitor Website: http://www.theclosetguy.net/index.html

The Closet Guy is an innovative company that designs and installs custom storage systems for both home and office. With over 25 years of experience, we?ve earned our reputation with unique design, superior craftsmanship and exceptional service. The Closet Guy has redefined the word affordable, giving consumers an opportunity to perfect their homes with premium custom closets at 20% to 40% less than the larger closet companies. The Closet Guy offers a full line of custom home storage solutions for bedroom reach-in and walk-in closets, utility and pantry shelving, garage cabinets, media units and more. We offer a vast array of finishes, colors and accessories, using the highest quality materials and components. Our units are fully adjustable and floor-based to ensure stability. From our initial consultation, to custom-tailored designs, to the highest quality product construction, The Closet Guy offers the best value in the industry.

The EcoSeekers
Booth Number: 405
Exhibitor Website: http://www.theecoseekers.com/

The EcoSeekers? is an independent publishing house and eco-enterprise that connects kids and young adults with nature and environmentalism through original stories, products and community. Check out our award-winning historical fiction adventure books about public lands and defining events and themes in the history of environmentalism. Books include real history sections with facts and photos. For ages 8 and up (and loved by adults too!). Endorsements include Robert F. Kennedy Jr., U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), Martha Marks (REP), Nell Newman, NRDC, National Wildlife Federation, and many more. Time Magazine for Kids named the author a 2008 ?hero for the planet.? Stop by our booth for author signings!

The Inconvenient Bag
Booth Number: 418
Exhibitor Website: http://www.theinconvenientbag.com/

The Inconvenient Bag Companys long-term goal is to be the industry leader and standard for reusable market/retail bags, and to make bringing one's own bag to the store a common way of life. We would like our bags to not just carry the environmentally-friendly message, but also to be designed in a manner that would be unique and stylish. In short, our goal is to grow and be a common household name in markets and retailers locally, nationally and internationally. We believe that if done right, with the right attitude and company image, we will procure a positive change to an individual?s lifestyle.

Theo Chocolate
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Exhibitor Website: http://www.theochocolate.com/

Theo produces premium, organic, fair trade and specialty chocolate. Our founder, Joseph Whinney, pioneered the manufacture and supply of organic chocolate products as the first importer of organic cocoa beans into North America in 1994. Over a decade later, Theo is proud to be the only roaster of organic cocoa beans and the first roaster of Fair Trade certified cocoa beans in the United States. All of our ingredients are carefully selected to ensure they meet our standards for social and environmental responsibility.

Topo Ranch
Booth Number: 313
Exhibitor Website: http://www.toporanch.com/

Topo Ranch believes that greener pastures lead to a brighter future. That's why you'll start seeing more and more environmentally responsible products from The Ranch. We don't claim to be experts in going Green, but we do know that little things can add up and make a difference. We also found out that we are already doing a few things right. We buy organic and free range when we can and we always shop farmers markets rather than grocery stores. If you haven't found your local farmer's market it's worth scouting out. We've found the produce much fresher and more interesting. And believe it or not, supporting your local farmers actually reduces carbon emissions. We've started this web page to keep you informed as we go on this journey ourselves. We'll post tips from time to time and let you know how we're doing. Below you'll find some ideas that have worked for us as we've started making The Ranch environmentally-friendly.

Traditional Medicinals
Booth Number: 446
Exhibitor Website: http://www.traditionalmedicinals.com/

The secret lives of plants have captured our imagination and respect with their beauty and mystery. For over thirty years, we have offered you reliable brews, blending our reverence of herbal plants with the wisdom of the ancient arts of Traditional Herbal Medicine and the most modern scientific methods of quality control. As important as our work with herbal plants, we also practice a deep respect for the earth and for humanity, striving always to ensure that our intentions and actions mirror our passions and beliefs.

Tri-Star Interiors
Booth Number: 140
Exhibitor Website: http://www.tristarinteriorsca.com/

Tri-Star specializes in the sales and installation of floor and windows covering products for residential, commercial and multi-family needs. Making Better Blinds Better AND Common Floors Memorable for over 24 years.

U.B. Raw / UBraw
Booth Number: 623
Exhibitor Website: http://www.ubraw.com/

Ronnie & Minh are husband and wife raw foodists who produce some of the most interesting and "unbelievably tasty raw and living foods you may ever encounter".

Minh is a second generation raw & living food chef, she was born in Viet Nam in 1950 into a humble and loving Buddhist family, she is the youngest of eight children. At a very young age Minh began learning which plants were edible and which were not, how to find food and medicines in the jungle and how to use them. She spent her youth helping her mother grow, gather and prepare food for their family. They used simple and ancient techniques without electricity to prepare nourishing and great tasting food. In this way the art of preparing raw food was passed from generation to generation without even knowing what ?raw food? was, to them it was just food. In 1963 one of Minhs? brothers was kidnapped by the North Vietnamese Army, her mother was devastated and sought guidance through prayer and from Buddhist Monks. Minhs mother was already a vegetarian but she received a revelation that if she gave up cooking and ate only uncooked vegetarian food her son would return to her, she did so and a year and a half later her son retuned to her unharmed. Minhs mother continued to eat only raw food until she died in 2005 at the age of 93.Ronnie is an Essene Philosopher who spends his time and energy promoting Raw & Living Foods and the teachings of the Essenes.

V-Dog Food
Booth Number: 247
Exhibitor Website: http://www.v-dogfood.com/

V-dog is recognized as the original vegetarian dog food, first produced in 1980. Our nutritionists have developed Crunchy Nuggets using only natural, healthy and wholesome ingredients and without the use of artificial colors or preservatives. Manufactured in the USA, V-dog is approved by The Vegetarian Society and has been developed without the use of animal testing. The environmentally friendly approach of V-dog means it uses only recycled paper for its marketing materials, and recyclable materials for its packaging.

Veggie Benz / Circle Star
Booth Number: 524
Exhibitor Website: http://veggiebenz.com/

VeggieBenz is a diesel conversion service in Sherman Oaks, California with a branch service in Davis, California. With a VeggieBenz conversion, one may run his or her vehicle on Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO), Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO), Biodiesel, diesel, or any combination of these fuels. We offer a professional service, with nearly half a decade experience in converting. The veggie conversion offers all of the wonders of alternative fuel, while keeping the vehicle as original as possible. All work under the hood is done in a clean, detailed fashion, and our customers love the communication and explanation of work performed. Convert today! Save the environment, Save Money!

Veneraxion Industries, LLC
Booth Number: 421
Exhibitor Website: http://www.veneraxion.com/

We are a family run company dedicated to a new way of doing business. Starting with the Earth Bugs and the Lu and the Earth Bug Crew series, our emphasis will always be on value, sustainability, lowering our environmental impact, and giving back.

Vert Biodiesel
Booth Number: 122
Exhibitor Website: http://www.vertbiodiesel.com/

Vert Biodiesel is committed to: Improving the life of the global community by reducing dependence on traditional petroleum, preserving earth?s resources through the use of renewable or recyclable materials, sustaining the production of a high-quality alternative fuel. Location of production facility, proximity to raw materials and the use of a cutting edge manufacturing process allows us to respond quickly and efficiently to the demands of Southern California roadway vehicles and marine vessels.

Visit Ojai?s Green
Booth Number: 105
Exhibitor Website: http://www.ojaiinn.com/index.php

Stay at this Ojai, California hotel that overlooks the Topa Topa Mountains and is conveniently located near the Ojai Village. The Best Western Casa Ojai is conveniently located in the heart of Ojai, California with magnificent Topa Topa mountain views and across from the newly renovated Soule Golf course (rated 4 stars from Golf Digest), Libbey Park (host to numerous festivals, concerts and events throughout the year) and numerous art galleries and spas. A variety of beautiful golf courses can be found close to the hotel and are perfect for year round golfing. Hotel guests will find Ojai an ideal location for day-trips to the Los Padres National Forest and the many types of hiking, biking and climbing experiences. Remember to bring a swim suit for the water holes that you may discover along the way. A complimentary extended continental breakfast is served daily. Guests will enjoy the outdoor jacuzzi and pool, spa services at the Ojai Day Spa, exercise & gym facility and nearby tennis courts. Meeting facilities are available for group events in conjunction with the Soule Golf course banquet facility. Each well-appointed room is spacious and features free high-speed Internet access, cable television, refrigerator, free long distance access, coffee/tea maker and hairdryer. King and queen size beds and other upgraded amenities are available in select rooms. A friendly staff is ready to ensure a comfortable and memorable stay while in Ojai. Make an online reservation today and save!

Water For Life USA
Booth Number: 107
Exhibitor Website: http://www.waterforlifeusa.com/

Water for Life USA is the exclusive US distributor for KYK Water Ionizers, manufactured by the Kim Young Kwi Science and Technology Company of Korea. Water for Life USA?s headquarters are in Maryland and we have a network of dealers throughout the US. We pride ourselves in not just selling high quality water systems, but also educating people about the benefits of preventative health care and the importance of a balanced diet.

Water Replenishment District
Booth Number: 137
Exhibitor Website: http://www.wrd.org/

The existing and future limitations of water resources in Southern California have resulted in the need for water supplies in the Central and West Coast basins to be managed more efficiently. As the regional groundwater management agency for two of the most utilized groundwater basins in the state of California, the WRD plays an integral role in overall water resource management in southern Los Angeles County . As the population of the region continues to increase, it becomes even more important to maximize the use of both imported and local water sources available to the WRD. The WRD manages groundwater for nearly four million residents in 43 cities of southern Los Angeles County. The 420 square mile service area uses about 250,000 acre-feet of groundwater per year, which equates to nearly 40% of the total demand for water. The WRD ensures that a reliable supply of high quality groundwater is available through its clean water projects, water supply programs, and effective management principles.

WeePlant Corporation
Booth Number: 110
Exhibitor Website: http://www.weeplant.com/

Weeplant Corporation is a Californian new born company that was built on a strong idea: improve green consciousness through a positive symbol : a real tiny plant that you can take care of. Concerned about the Environmental issues, Weeplant has decided to contribute to the reforestation of our planet by participating into a worldwide program developed by the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP). Parts of the company?s profits are reversed to American Forest to reforest the US territory (for each 4 Pinky Trees sold, a tree can be planted). Besides the partnership with American Forests, it is the company's priority to make sure the whole production and logistics process respect sustainability rules. Today, the production of the plants, the way technicians who work in the greenhouses are hired, and the transportation and customs follow strict international regulations. Also, the encapsulation process is outsourced to Buckelew, an NGO in the Marin County in California which works with individuals with mental illness to help them live, work, learn and participate in their communities. Moreover, in agreement with the CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) Weeplant have committed to grow and trade in specimens of plants that don?t threaten their survival.

Wisdom Wands
Booth Number: 625
Exhibitor Website: http://www.wisdomwands.com/

The Health Team Wand is a glass strainer attached to a hand crafted glass straw that brew and filter tea leaves, herbs, and infusions in the convenience of a cup. The Java Wand is a mini French Press filter attached to a hand crafted glass straw that brews and filters coffee, tea leaves, herbs, and infusions in the convenience of an ordinary cup.

Work Green Technologies / WorkGreen.us
Booth Number: 624
Exhibitor Website: http://workgreen.us/
Booth Number: 426
Exhibitor Website: http://www.goxango.com/

Let the gods have their ambrosia. Here is the nectar of mortals?a juice perfectly suited for the tongue and belly of humankind. A flavor that Zeus would appreciate and the nutritional value humans need?XanGo Juice includes xanthones, catechins and a host of other powerful phytonutrients all working together to keep you in prime condition. Truly unlike any other, this premium beverage is the original, the only supplement to deliver the greatness of the pure, whole mangosteen.

Zephyr Electric
Booth Number: 138
Exhibitor Website: http://www.zephyrelectric.com/

Zephyr Electric is currently developing a series of wind farms and wind ranches across the United States. We have major land holdings in both Wyoming and Nevada that are to be used for wind projects. Additional projects are planned for the states of California, Pennsylvania and New York. Zephyr Electric is also committed to using the most recent technologies to harness the power of the wind. Our effort to date, by our affiliate company the Hyriser Corporation, has been dedicated to exploring design concepts that improve energy capture efficiencies across a wide range of wind speeds. Their latest turbine designs operate economically in wind speeds as low as Class I. We believe innovation is the key to making wind power as cost competitive as conventional nonrenwable energy sources such as coal or oil.

Zion Healing Energy
Booth Number: 339
Exhibitor Website: http://zionhe.com/

Z-ION Cleanse Foot Spa is a self-contained high-tech water detoxification system that enhances the body?s vitality by drawing out toxins, allowing the body to cleanse itself naturally. It is very easy to use and requires no special training.